Ian Mott, Webmaster of the LDCA

By Amanda Ellis

The words below are posted on behalf of my Mum, Patsy Mott.......

It is with great regret that we have to inform all the archive contributors that Ian sadly passed away on April 23rd after a great battle with his health. He beat his cancer but complications following his treatment took their toll.

His contribution to the site from its inception in 2010 was considerable. He spent so many hours on the technical side, which was his passion, to get the site up and running. He so enjoyed the technical meetings once a month at the library to meet with others who shared his love of technology. 

We were both involved with the LDCA, I designed the logo for the website, and we spent many enjoyable hours gathering stories and photographs from local people. Both of us believed that this sharing of memories was important to record for future generations. 

He made many friends during his time working for the site, many of whom kept in contact through his illness and this meant a lot to both Ian and us. We would also like to thank them for their kind messages, Ian will be greatly missed by all.

He told me while he was in hospital of the plans he had for the site when he was well enough again to play on his computer, but that was not to be. Others will now have to take on this responsibility and continue his work.

Patsy, Mandie and Nigel.

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Sorry to read of the demise of such a man, a man who with this website had achieved so much.  I only recently stumbled across the site but have been riveted to it ever since.  I didn't have the good fortune to know Ian but would have liked to have done as he was obviously an interesting and knowledgeable person.  Although, as I've said, I didn't know him, his face is familiar to me.  The only place I may have seen him is I think at a reunion at Laindon High Road School sometime before 2007 when it was destroyed - sorry meant demolished. 

P.S. Great photo, you both look so happy!

By Donald Joy
On 23/08/2015

So sorry to hear the sad news. I was looking forward to meeting Ian during an upcoming visit but obviously it was not meant to be. My condolences to the Mott family. RIP Ian.

By Alan Davies
On 30/04/2015

So sorry to learn of the passing of Ian, he was "The Laindon Archive" with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. He will be missed by everyone he came into contact with over the years as the webmaster. Condolences to Patsy and family.

Rest in peace Ian, always remembered.

Rob & Joy Springate   (Clacton-On-Sea.)

By Robert Springate
On 28/04/2015

I am so sorry to hear that Ian has passed away  He will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with Patsy and her family at this sad time. Paul Gibson.

By Paul Gibson
On 27/04/2015

Deeply saddened to hear that Ian, one of the leading lights both in Laindon Community Archive and South East Essex Community Archive Network, has died. We were so hopeful after his cancer treatment and he was very positive. He was very patient when helping me in developing the Wickford Archive website and I will miss his bubbly enthusiasm. We send our sincere condolences to his family.

Bob Plimmer, Wickford Community Archive.

By Bob Plimmer
On 27/04/2015

So very sorry to hear this sad news.  I know that Ian will be missed by all his loving family.  We will all miss him on this site too. This site is a tribute to him.

By Judy Webb
On 27/04/2015

I am sorry and upset to hear that Ian has passed away, he will be genuinely missed by everyone on this site. Ian was a very dedicated and interesting person to communicate with throughout the time I have been corresponding with the Laindon website.

By Richard Haines
On 27/04/2015

I have literally just learned of the passing of Ian Mott and am stunned to say the least. To Ian's family, my most sincere condolences even though I never met him. I too will miss contact from him on this wonderful site.

By Brian Baylis
On 27/04/2015

I was so sorry to hear the sad news about Ian, he will be sadly missed by all. My condolences go to his family, he will be remembered with respect for all the effort he put into the Laindon Archive site and for bringing so many people together because of it.  Kindest regards.

By Joan Baterip
On 26/04/2015

A tribute on learning of the sad death of Ian Mott to whom so much is due with regard to the widespread interest that the Laindon and District Community Archive has created among so many.

As a mere contributor to the site, I always experienced from Ian a great deal of help and generosity. As recently as the exhibition at the Manor Mission on the 22nd of March, learning of my transportation problems, he had very kindly offered to pick me up and get me to the exhibition. Regrettably, this was not to be, since he rang me few days before to tell me he was now in hospital. Unfortunately, this meant that I missed seeing him after what had been a long enforced absence from the website.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to Ian’s wife Patsy and to her family and say we all must mourn the sad loss of a kind, helpful and generous man. So sorry.

By John Bathurst
On 25/04/2015

So sad to hear of the loss of Ian. I did not know Ian that long but he would always help me with my posts on this site and the most memerable one we did together was organising a walk for the Laindon Park Conservation that, with thanks to Ian, went very well.

Ian was so patience with me as I kept going round with new ideas and he just took it all in his stride.  A very sad loss of a wonderful man.   My thoughts are with you Patsy, Mandie and all the family. 

By Barry Ellerby
On 25/04/2015

I was saddened to hear of Ian's passing. I got to know Ian through the monthly SEECAN meetings. His friendliness and wealth of technical knowledge will be greatly missed.

Condolences to all of the family.

Frank Gamble, Benfleet Archive.

By Frank Gamble
On 25/04/2015

So sorry to see and hear of his death, I am glad to have met him and exchanged Laindon memorabilia.

By Roger Wicking
On 25/04/2015

Our condolences to Patsy and family; we regarded Ian as the 'soul' of the LDCA site but are sure Nina and Colin will do a good job in continuing his brilliant work.

Rest in Peace Ian.

Chris and Andrea Ash.

By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell)
On 25/04/2015

I am deeply saddened to read of Ian's passing, my deepest sympathy to you Patsy and your family and friends. It was great to meet you both in 2012 at the Manor Mission, I hadn't seen Ian since he was a wee lad of about nine or ten over on the Dunton Plotlands. I barely remembered him from those days but the work and effort you have both put into this website has brought me and I'm sure many others great joy and memories from our past. Ian, you were a real champion may you rest in peace, Ken Page, Hastings, Australia.

By Ken Page
On 25/04/2015

Very sad to hear of Ian's passing after such a struggle. The last time we saw him at the SEECAN technical meetings was around Christmas. He was without his beard and most of his hair but the infectious smile and enthusiasm was undiminished. He will be greatly missed. (Bob Stephen, Rochford Archive)

By Bob Stephen
On 25/04/2015

I am so sorry to hear of Ian's passing.

He was so instrumental in the success of the Archive along with the other committee members.  He brought friends and families back together who had lost touch.

He will be sadly missed, my thoughts are with Patsy and her family.

By Ellen English
On 25/04/2015

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Ian, our dear friend and colleague.  Our thoughts are with Patsy, Mandie and Nigel.  Nina and Colin Humphrey.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 25/04/2015

I will personally miss Ian at our monthly technical meetings. His jolly demeanour and enthusiasm for all the Archives in SEECAN will be sorely missed.

Jim Devlin, Billericay Archive Chair

By Jim Devlin
On 24/04/2015

I was very sad to learn of Ian's tragic death as he had fought so hard to survive and undergone harsh treatments over a long period of time.  He always seemed to me to maintain a determined, optimistic attitude and was hopeful of a full recovery.  We kept in touch by e-mail and he was always supportive to myself and my husband Tony about our health problems as well as keeping me informed about his own treatments and progress and Patsy's health issues as well.  He always stressed how lucky he was to have married Patsy not only because she was the only girl for him but also because it had enabled him to be accepted into the Laindon community. 

His pioneering sterling work as the webmaster has been valuable and inspiring and us Laindonites have all benefitted tremendously from being back in touch - a real community once again.  The website in its present comprehensive form is a wonderful legacy and tribute to Ian.  He will always be remembered with affection and admiration for his dedication to reviving memories of Laindon.

By Shakun Banfield(Chowdhary)
On 24/04/2015

Ian helped set up the SEECAN network of Community Archive sites in South East Essex and configured the SEECA site itself for the Essex Record Office. He was responsible for all technical advice and support for eight sites and coordinated communication for us with our suppliers.

Even while in hospital he emailed me to suggest that we needed to seek funding to improve the sites. Which I am doing. I will miss him.

Phil Coley. SEECAN Chair

On 24/04/2015

Deepest sympathy to the Mott family on your sad loss.

A sad loss also to the website as a whole, I think everyone would realise the tremendous work that Ian put into the site. He will be sadly missed.

Eric Pasco. Perth. Australia

By Eric Pasco
On 24/04/2015
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