Where are they now?

Leaving Laindon

By Donald Joy

I wonder if anybody else is curious as to the whereabouts of ex Laindoners and their reasons for leaving. I myself moved away almost 3 years ago just because I thought I might like the change. I now live on the outskirts of Clacton and am finding it to be very peaceful and enjoyable. 

I have noticed while reading many of the entries on this website that a quite substantial number of Laindon raised persons have emigrated. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other far flung regions of what used to be Empire having been their desired destinations. Many others moved to areas all over the British Isles for many different reasons such as work, marriage etc.  

Feel free to contribute stating where and why and in doing so make a nosey old man happy. However this is not compulsory but it might be found to be interesting to many, if not all. Thanks in anticipation. Don.

This page was added by Donald Joy on 30/08/2017.
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Hi Don.  No problem.  It's on its way :) 

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 02/10/2017

Nina, would you be so kind as to pass on my E-mail address to Mr Keeble as requested. Thanks. X

By Donald Joy
On 02/10/2017

Hi Donald, you were at school with my dad Barry Keeble he would very much like to get in touch if you would like to :)

By Mr Keeble
On 29/09/2017

My Aunt Viv, daughter of the Turner family, was raised in Denbigh Road where their coal business operated from. She lived at one time in New Century Road and at another time in the part of the High Road between the Fortune of War public house and the Old Fortune. She became a Fordham and moved to Holland on Sea where she and her husband ran their nursery business growing and selling plants. Now widowed she still lives there just a few miles from myself. 

My cousin Cassy, another Turner grandchild, was raised in Manor Road absolutely opposite the Manor Mission where now stands a supermarket. She attended LHR school the same years as myself 1958/62. When she married she lived on Canvey Island, first at one address and later at another. About 4 years ago she moved to Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, to be near her daughter who had married into a family from that area. 

I have a sister named Viv, who, with her family still lives in Laindon and likely always will. I also have a brother, Jess the "baby" of the family who along with his own family lives in Laindon. Unlike myself, who went to LHR school, they both went to   Nicholas school.

By Donald Joy
On 16/09/2017