Old Photographs of Langdon Hills

These are photographs of properties South of the Railway

By Ian Mott

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This page was added by Ian Mott on 13/04/2011.
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Hello Lynne.   I find this very interesting as a few years ago I put together an article about your Great Grandfather Isaac Levy called ‘Isaac Levy 1851-1922’.  It can be found in the index under the category ‘Noteworthy People’  I am a little confused as the records show that his son Isaac Jnr’s first marriage was to Helen Simmons and they had the three children Rose, Philip and Hetty, whereas you have referred to their parents as Helen and Richard.   Isaac Jnr’s second marriage was to Leah De Young and their son was your father Leslie.  Was Richard perhaps your grandfather’s middle name?

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 13/09/2017

I heard a talk last night at my WI.  The speaker said he had heard of the Levy Family who had a smelting work or some such along the railway line at Laindon circa 1900. My father Leslie Levy was born in Laindon and left there with his mother Leah Levy around 1930 when the family business was sold on and they moved to Leyton in the East End of London. She had by then three grown up step children from the first marriage of Helen Smith to Richard Levy and her own son Leslie. Hetty, Rose and Philip had never been to work as the family were prosperous back in the day. My grandmother Leah, now widowed, and with the family money all gone, started a drapery business and the three step children had to go to work. There are three roads in Laindon named after my great uncles, Samuel, David and Emanuel.  The extended family from the Eastend of London used to come to Laindon and stay at a house named Fleetwood for their holidays.

My great grandfather Isaac Levy laid the memorial stone on a little church in Laindon High Road and this has always puzzled me because the family were Jewish

Does anyone remember maybe their grandparents knowing the Levy family?

By Lynne Levy Bamber
On 13/09/2017

Did anyone have relatives that knew my grandparents Walter and Adelaide Horth? They lived in a bungalow called Retlaw, in Suffolk Road, 1940s to 1960s.

By Carol York
On 03/10/2016

Hi Patsy  Thanks for your message it was nice to hear from you again with news of your family. I have tried to find your phone number or address without success. Anyway I will keep trying as I am always interested in past memories.

Editor's note:  Alan has supplied his email address but as it is the Archive's policy not to publish email addresses on the website, it has been forwarded on to Patsy.

By Alan Rich Wood
On 20/01/2016

Hi Richard, so sorry i haven't looked at these pics for years.  Yes I do remember you, Geoffrey, Derek and your mum Ivy.   I have so many pictures of them when we lived in Suffolk Road (which is not there any more).

My dad died in 1965, mum died in 1989 then my brother Ken died in 1998 so there's just me now.  I have pictures of Pat Cannon also a picture of you with my brother from years ago.

I hope you see this message and hope you are keeping well.  Regards Patsy (Roper).

By Patsy Spendlove
On 27/01/2015

I also lived just up the hill from here in 'Glenrosa'. 

Hello Terry. I still remember fondly the hours I spent building tree houses and underground camps with you, your brother and sister. My mother used to work for Mr Bebbington and was apparently engaged to his son. Sadly, he was killed in action in Malta during WWII.

By Chris Chappell
On 31/05/2013

I used to live in the 60s/70s slightly further up the hill, opposite Grove Avenue in a bungalow called Lee-Lor My parents had the property built in 1962 after buying a piece of land from the large property 'Park Lodge' which was by a builder called Mr Hurley who also lived there. That property had a swimming pool in the back garden which we were invited to use sometimes by his daughter, Barbara. Both the old Park lodge and Lee-Lor have been knocked down now and replaced with new houses.

By Terry Heard
On 15/04/2013

I knew your mum and dad, Maggie and Monty. I used to play with your brother Ken when you lived in Suffolk Rd. I lived in Somerset Rd with my brothers Geoff and Derek. 

I remember your parents played violins and I remember seeing them play in a concert “The Mikado” at the Laindon High Rd School. 

Two old men used to live with them, they were probably your grandfathers and I used to think it strange that they didn’t seem to talk to each other (the grandfathers I mean). One of them spent most of the day in his large workshop in your back yard which to me was a fascinating place filled with all kinds of interesting stuff. 

Your mum was a really nice lady and was very friendly with my mum Ivy. Your dad always seemed very interested in things your brother did. We lost touch for a while, I can’t really remember why. Maybe your brother was getting interested in girls and I was still only a young kid. 

Some years later when your family had moved to “Rose Villa” we started hanging out again both having an interest in old cars and motorbikes and things mechanical, we would work in his workshop in your back garden. It was during this time that Ken and his then girlfriend Pat Cannon introduced me to Iris Allen who was to become my wife, we have been together now for 54 years and I have often thought how nice it would be to be able to thank them. I would love to have any news of your brother. Well Patsy I hope you see this message, it would be nice to make contact, regards

By Rich Wood
On 23/02/2013

I grew up in the 60's and 70's in the house which is on the opposite side of the road and not shown which was called '' Normanhurst''

By Stepen Carter
On 12/02/2013

My mother Brenda Bebington (Maiden name) was the youngest daughter of H.E. Bebington who ran the Estate Agents office and remembers the name of the bungalow was called "St Albans". Her friend with whom she stays in touch with was called Rene and worked in the main Estate Agency office down in Station Approach - Laindon

By Peter Taylor
On 28/05/2012

When I was a small boy I remember my mother, Gladys Robinson née Freeman, stopping outside Patsy's house to speak to her mother, Margaret. And boy, could they talk. I would seem to be stuck there for hours while they chattered. 

I think Patsy must be about 10 years older than me. 

I lived in West Avenue, off Grove Avenue.

By Martin Robinson
On 23/01/2012

I can't recall your parents Pat, but I do recall you and I being in class together for a couple of years.

By Brian Baylis
On 20/12/2011

Oh this is where I lived the big house at the right on the end, next to Bebintons lived Mr Wester, then Mrs Barker, then Mr & Mrs Hutchinson then my mum and dads house Rose Villa next to the church hall, but you can't see the hall our big house is blocking the view. Has anybody got a picture of the front of our house would so love to see it? On the opposite side of the road lived 3 judges, Mr Jobson, Mr Pavy and Mr Seaman then further along was my primary school Langdon Hills,  what a long time ago that was. I loved every moment I spent there thank you Ian for putting these pictures on.

I wonder if any one remembers my mum and dad Monty and Margaret Roper?

By Patsy Spendlove née Roper
On 26/11/2011

Oh what a Lovely memory of passing here on my bike on the way down from Crown Hill?

By Brian Baylis
On 20/11/2011

Bebington's corner where Berry Lane joined the High Road in Langdon Hills. 'Bebington' being the name of the estate agent who worked from the shed (office)

By Bruce Bellamy
On 09/10/2011