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By Peter Long

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This page was added by Peter Long on 16/03/2012.
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I well remember the Hall, you could see it from the school field. With regard to it burning down, it was widely believed to be the work of an unpleasant boy who lived in Pound Lane. Fortunately I can not remember his name. Such a shame that one of the few historic buildings in the area should have been lost in this way. Another sad loss was Sellers farmhouse in Dunton Road, which also burned down.

By Paul Stickland
On 13/10/2016

Hi Bill The answer to your question is no! The church itself is usued for most of it social events. Concerts, Quiz nights, festivals etc. 

Details of events can be found on the St Nicholas Church Website www.stnicholaslaindon.co.uk

By Ken Porter
On 05/04/2013

Looking back through the various comments in Respect of the photo. Nina is quite correct in stating there were were two 'halls', but does not differentiate for those who did not know the area that the Laindon Hall on Church Hill was originally a residence, but the hall at the bottom of the hill adjacent to Pound Lane was built as a social and recreational venue and replaced an earlier hall adjacent to the west side of the church and which also used as a school annexe, but burnt down in the early 1930s. 

It would seem from the comments that this hall in Pound Lane was demolished in the 1990s, something I was not aware of and was quite surprised as it was of quite reasonable brick construction and causes me to ask if the Church now has any building for social intercourse. Ken Porter will obviously be able to answer this?

By WH.Diment
On 14/12/2012

As I remember it Laindon Hall became the property of the local council. It was in disrepair, and as a listed building the repair bill would have been the councils responsibility. Unfortunately the council had no money.

Somebody made the comment "If it burnt down, we would not be responsible" and the remark was printed in the local paper. Surprise, surprise..... the next night the Hall burnt down!

By Mary Cole
On 19/04/2012

Sorry Denise, you are absolutely right, it was April 1964 and not April 1963. My mistake. Best wishes.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 17/03/2012

It was finally burned down late April 1964 a couple of weeks after a previous fire.

By Denise Rowling
On 16/03/2012

There seems to be some slight confusion regarding this hall. There were two halls near St Nicholas Church. The one in the picture is Laindon Hall, which was sited just past the church on the way to Laindon Park School. I passed it twice each day on my way to and from work during the early sixties. The hall burnt down in April 1963. I was shocked to see its charred remains one morning, as it had been perfectly okay when I passed it the evening before. The hall where wedding receptions were held (my sister’s included) was on the other side of the church, slightly down the hill, close to Pound Lane. This is most probably the one that David helped to knock down in the nineties.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 16/03/2012

Yes it is the Laindon Hall near St Nicholas Church I had my wedding reception in it 1968

By Jan Burton
On 04/03/2012

I can confirm it is Laindon Hall. I attended Laindon Park School and passed by it on the way home

By Peter Boatwright
On 10/02/2012

I believe this is Laindon Hall, it was destroyed in the 1990s. I helped knock it down for the vicar at the time, can't recall his name though.

By David K
On 01/02/2012

Could this be Laindon Hall, beside St Nicholas Church? Allowed to fall into disrepair and burnt down by vandals late 1950s

By Marty Cole
On 12/01/2012
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