Laindon High Road School 1956

The 1956 photograph

By Ian Mott

33 Douglas Gray343536 ? Shrimpton ?
37383940 Jackie Baker
4142 Pat King4344
45 Barbara Flint4647 Pat Cowman?
Maggie Cove?
48 Shirley Guilder
49 Tita Cullen5051 Jackie? Bridle52 Sheila Bardot ?
53 Bobby Bridle5455 Peter Robinson56
57 Dave Barker5859 Brian Wife60
61 Alan Jackson62 Brian Mills 

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12 Carol Gregory34 Tina Brewer ?
91011 Chris Gibson12
13 Dennis Hyatt14 Charlie Claise1516
17 Doris Ford ?18 Sandra Dean19 Miss Crook20
21 Mrs Collison2223 Jeffery Petty24 Glyn Swift
25 Geoffrey Gray262728 Derek Brazier
29 John Gilbert30 George Siggers ?31 Bruce Bellamy?32

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This page was added by Ian Mott on 11/12/2011.
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No. 29 is definitely John Gilbert. He was my 1st husband.

By Cheryl Markin
On 21/02/2015

No. 29 I think is John Gilbert.

By Derek Brasier
On 03/02/2015

No. 57 is Dave Barker

By Dave Barker
On 22/07/2014

Hi, I have to dissagree with 23. It is my husband Jeffery Petty.

By Janet Petty nee Markin
On 03/05/2013

No.2 is my sister Carol Gregory

By Sheila Hardy
On 08/04/2013

I can confirm that number 42 is me (Pat King) and number 45 is Barbara Flint.

By Patricia Gibbs (nee King)
On 02/04/2013

33 is Douglas Gray

By Brenda Gray née Brooks
On 24/02/2013

53 is Bobby Bridle. I have a photo of her.

By Brenda brooks
On 24/02/2013

62 - I can confirm that this IS Brian Mills

By Mike Smith
On 17/12/2012

28 is my mate Derek Brazier who lived near old Police St. at Hiawatha

By roger
On 31/08/2012

51 & 53 are the Bridle twin Bobbie and Jackie. I was in their class at school and never was sure who was who!

By Christine Hutchings (née Oliver)
On 31/03/2012

No. 19 is Miss Crook who was a Music Teacher

By Ann Dolton
On 14/02/2012

11 is Chris Gibson. (Crystal radios each)

By Roger Wicking
On 11/02/2012

55 Peter Robinson, 59 Brian Wife, 49 Rita Cullen.

By Dave Coleman
On 06/02/2012

No 48 is Shirley Guilder

By Christine Hutchings
On 24/01/2012

I'm not 100% sure but think number 59 could be Brian Swift anyone agree?

By Jean Pattle
On 09/01/2012

No 13 is Dennis Hyatt, 52 is Sheila Bardot and 40 is Jackie Baker

By Christine Hutchings
On 29/12/2011

36 one of the Shrimptons? Can't recall his first name though, anyone???

By Ken Page
On 21/12/2011

Jimmy Quinton - is that you at number 23?

By Andrea
On 19/12/2011

Could number 52 be one of the Bardot girls - possibly Andrea? I have yet to find Sheila on here.

By Andrea Ash
On 19/12/2011

Ken, I agree 62 Brian Mills

By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell)
On 19/12/2011

Could 62 be Brian Mills?

Editor: Brian can you confirm?

By Ken Page
On 19/12/2011

17 Doris Ford. I am checking with her, just in case!

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 18/12/2011

31 Bruce Bellamy?

By Ken Page
On 18/12/2011

No 24. Is my second cousin Glyn Swift No 25. Geoffrey Gray

By Ken Porter
On 16/12/2011

I have a problem is No.47 Pat Cowman or Maggie Cove, help anyone?

By Gloria Sewell
On 16/12/2011

61 Alan Jackson - my elder brother

By Keith Jackson
On 15/12/2011

14 Charlie Claise 18 Sandra Dean

By Colin Clarke
On 13/12/2011

4 - Tina Brewer? 21 - Mrs Collison 30 - George Siggers?

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 12/12/2011