Laindon High Road School 1956

The 1956 photograph

By Ian Mott

33 Roy Almar?34 David Nightingale35 Beryl Pasco36
37 Jean Heather38 Biddy Hammond3940 Joan Withers
414243 Pauline Buckingham44 Margaret Cousins
45 Christine Hooker ?46 Doreen Gotobed4748 Norma Grove
49 Cynthia Jones50 Ann Dolton51 Evelyn Hollington52 Raymond Tyler
53 Michael Caine5455 Tony Wray56 Keith Olaf
57 Arthur Cudbill5859 John Row ?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Laindon High Road School 1956' page

1 Ann Higgs2 Carol Baily3 Gladys Nash4
56 Ruth Bennison78
9 Tony Macklin10 Ray Williamson1112
13 Raymond Davis14 Miss Green15 Miss Thomas16 Miss Smith?
Miss Wells?
17 Mrs Badger1819 Mrs Gay20 Ken Porter
21 Peter Short22 Eddy Childs2324
25 Henry Wilson26 Gary Cooper/Des Bedford?27 Robert Watson28 Georgie Bartley/Des Bedford
2930 Brian Rentcombe31 Eddie Rogers32 Terry Clarke

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This page was added by Ian Mott on 11/12/2011.
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No. 26 looks like Gary Cooper.

By Roger Waveney
On 16/09/2015

Sorry after the family and me having a closer look, it is after all 28.

Editor: No 28 has already been identified as George Bartley.  Some confirmation regarding Nos 26 and 28 would be appreciated.

By Des Bedford
On 15/09/2015

No. 26 is I'm sure me. Where Brian Rentcombe was I was always near.  I also remember a leather jacket the same as that one. Brian wrote 'kick me' on the back in pen and my mother went mad. I notice someone wrote No. 26 looks like Gary Cooper, well so did my dad. Lovely looking back and seeing familiar faces.

By Des Bedford
On 14/09/2015

No. 43 is Pauline Buckingham and No. 44 is Margaret Cousins.

By Georgina Nottage (nee Ellingford)
On 03/08/2015

LHR '56 photo.  No. 6 Ruth Bennison 

By Robert Springate
On 06/08/2014

No1 is Ann Higgs No 2 is Carol Baily No 22 is Eddy Childs No 25 is Henry Wilson, I think I went to Cambridge with him on a day coach trip with Laindon High.

By Brian Cordell
On 04/02/2014

No 25 is Henry Wilson

By Cindy Wilson
On 02/02/2014

No 10 is Ray Williamson

By Corinne Wheeler (née Hursk)
On 24/09/2013

Just found another one of my cousins, Peter Short he is no. 21

By Lesley Gibson née Cousins
On 16/09/2013

No 37 is Jean Heather - she lived in Samuel Road Langdon Hills which was on the corner of Berry lane where I lived with my parents and my sister Nova White who married Doug Cross. Jean sister was called Yvonne

By Joan Goodfellow nee White
On 09/08/2013

30 This is Brian but his name was Rentcombe (Although I cannot comfirm the actual spelling)

By Mike Smith
On 17/12/2012

26 reminds me of Gary Cooper

By Roger Wicking
On 05/10/2012

number 9 is Tony Macklin

By Alan Marchant
On 12/09/2012

16.Miss Wells R.E teacher got married around 1954 dont know married name.

By P.Evenett
On 15/08/2012

No. 34 is David Nightingale

By Dave Coleman
On 19/02/2012

No. 13 is Raymond Davis No 14 is Miss Green, Domestic Science teacher No. 48 is Norma Grove No. 50 - yes it is me Ann Dolton so the ? can be removed

By Ann Dolton
On 14/02/2012

I think John Row is No 59 what do you think Dave Coleman?

By Steve White
On 10/02/2012

55 is Tony Wray who lived near me in Nicholas Lane, 56 Keith Olaf, 38 Biddy Hammond, 30 Brian Rancolme.

By Dave Coleman
On 06/02/2012

Yes Dave, No 33 is Roy Alma, when someone suggested John Roe I could not think of Roy's name, now I recall and this is definatly Roy Alma.

By Gloria Sewell
On 06/02/2012

No 33 Roy Almer

By Dave Coleman
On 05/02/2012

No. 27. Robert Watson

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 16/01/2012

Hi Gloria, you wont find Lin on the photos as she didnt start at LHR until 1960. Pam has been identified by somebody already although the girl picked out looks a lot different to how I remember her, as you said she always had the fringe, longish black hair and glasses. However 1958 is a flippin long time ago and anything is possible. Why not show Fred the photo I know he will soon pick her out.

By Richard Haines
On 06/01/2012

I can't locate Linda or Pam on photos yet Rich, still trying to get her round to have a look.

By Gloria Sewell
On 06/01/2012

Colin, thanks for the info on Dorothy Hollington, she may remember me being a 5X prefect in 62/63 when she was in Mr Angel's class 3CA (my allocated duty). Her best friend was Linda Callow.

By Richard Haines
On 04/01/2012

57 Arthur Cudbill 28 Georgie Bartley

By Gloria Sewell
On 04/01/2012

Hi Richard! Yes Dorothy is Evelyn Hollington's sister and is my sister-in-law.

By Colin Clarke
On 03/01/2012

Can anyone confirm please if No 51 Evelyn Hollington is the sister of Dorothy Hollington who lived in Pound Lane?

By Richard Haines
On 02/01/2012

Evelyn Hollington is No 51.

By Christine Hutchings
On 02/01/2012

Is 45 Christine Hooker?

By Ken Page
On 21/12/2011

40 Joan Withers

By Albert Bedford
On 19/12/2011

22 could be Austin Legon

Editor: Austin could you please confirm.

By Ken Page
On 18/12/2011

Go Go Ken now they are coming out.

By Gloria Sewell
On 17/12/2011

Number 3 Gladys Nash.

By Ken Page
On 17/12/2011

No. 31 Eddie Rogers.

By Eddie Lewis
On 17/12/2011

No 20 is me Ken Porter.

By Ken Porter
On 15/12/2011

No 17 Mrs Badger ?

By Gloria Sewell
On 14/12/2011

Number 31 - Rogers

By Andrea
On 14/12/2011

55 John Slaughter ? Oh yes definatly Eric is she still a curly top

By Gloria Sewell
On 13/12/2011

53 Michael Caine, 52 Raymond Tyler, 32 Terry Clarke, 33 John Roe?, 16 Miss Smith, 50 Ann Dolton? & 51 Evelyn Hollington?

By Colin Clarke
On 13/12/2011

15 - Miss Thomas 46 - Doreen Gotobed

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 12/12/2011

Pretty certain No 35 is my sister Beryl Pasco. Anyone agree. Gloria ?

By Eric Pasco
On 12/12/2011

No. 17. Mrs Badger. No. 19. Mrs. Gay. No.49. Cynthia Jones

By Nina Humphrey (née Burton)
On 12/12/2011