Laindon High Road School 1956

The 1956 photograph

By Ian Mott

29 Alan Burley30 Colin Lane31 Raymond Petty?32
33 Terry Kavanagh34 Maureen Schofield35 Carol Cooper36 Daphne Flegg
37 Jean Steer38 Sylvie Turner39 Divina Savage ?40 Eileen Burton
4142 Heather Tyler43 Josie Collins44 Kathy Simpson
45 Christine Oliver46 Doreen Gotobed4748
49 Pat Sheppard50 Ann Dolton5152 Patrick Partner
535455 Peter Hyatt ?56
5758 John Jackson59 Ken Page

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Laindon High Road School 1956' page

12 Susan Billington ?34 Pearl Covington
567 Brian Cordell8 Micky Page
9 Ernest Simmons10 Colin Markin1112 Colin Wells
13 Mr Lane14 Miss Jollyman15 Mr Cluff16 Mr Pikesley (Governor)
17 Mr Woodward18 Miss Harris19 Michael Cowman20 Stan Quinn
21 Tommy Latchford2223 Alan Marchant24 Roger Wicking
25 David Mitchell26 Brian Phelps2728 David Grant

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This page was added by Ian Mott on 11/12/2011.
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No. 9 is Ernest Simmons and No. 49 is Pat Shepherd.

By Georgina Nottage (nee Ellingford)
On 03/08/2015

David Mitchell is No. 25, (next to me No. 24).  Brian Phelps is No. 26.

Trevor Hart, many thanks for Telecoms enabling me to contact Grays after 50 years!  Much obliged to this website to facilitate X

By Roger Wicking
On 25/03/2015

I think No. 25 is David Mitchell who lived in Wash Road.  He went to Australia  in the 60s.

By Alan. Taylor
On 22/03/2015

No. 10 is definitely Colin Markin, he is my husband's cousin.

By Cheryl Markin
On 21/02/2015

No.16 is Mr Pikesley and he was a school Governor. Just the name is spelt wrongly in the pic.

By Isabel Smith
On 15/06/2014

No 28 this pageis David Grant


By David Muncey
On 26/12/2013

I think 31 is my Brother-in-law Raymond Petty.

By Janet Petty née Markin
On 04/05/2013

I beliieve Tracy Bradford, 05/06/12 is in error as to where her Grandparents Irene and Les lived and suggest it was in Church Rd., the third house from the corner, next door to the Brummell familly. 

It is now number 6 but the houses were re-numbered some years ago. Irene was quite well known as she frequently called on the local properties as a Jehovahs Witness. The last time I saw Les he was living in a flat in the new town.

By W.H.Diment
On 24/02/2013

I am positive no 49 is Pat Shepherd

By Brenda Gary
On 24/02/2013

Love to Tracy, because I am sorting out photos for next library meeting as well.

By Roger Wicking
On 11/10/2012

Hi Roger, I saw your photo in the 1958 Laindon High Road School would love to have been at the rock and roll weekend, especially if dad was still here today. I have got some photographs of dad (Collin Wells) and me about 5 years ago, there's not many though. Would you like to see them? If not! Not to worry.

By Tracey Bradford
On 07/10/2012

"Squashed tomatoes & Stew" too you two today 43's. I'm 68 (but 18 inside) Still HGV driving, triumph 900 motorbyker & rock n' roll weekender! True! ask Brownes (Colin & Janet Jolly Friars) Laindonites. Very good meet on 28th at Library; good people.

By Roger Wicking
On 02/10/2012

Hi Roger, thanks for the comment. If you know me and my twin sister Heather, I should know you the name Roger rings a bell.

Me and my sister are 43 tomorrow, I wonder if you could tell me your age? If you don't want too I will understand. Yes dad like Jerry Lee Lewis, Boogie woogie etc.

By Tracey Bradford
On 01/10/2012

I remember you girls now, one was serious-the other was laughing! I have twin brothers. Colin Wells was fun and a brilliant boogiewoogie pianist and when he did Jerrylee we jived great, unique, happy times x

By Roger Wicking
On 29/09/2012

Thank you so much Roger, Keith and all the other people for their replies to my messages above. I like to say my dad love Piano and rock and roll music. Colin and Les and their dad Les used to drink in Prince of Wales Pub in Wash Rd. Irene passed away sorry to say long before my dad Colin, she used to work in the Prince of Wales early in the mornings as cleaner. My dad’s brother Les is alive an kicking and well. If anybody else new my dad I would love to hear your comments. I have a twin sister Heather Wells.

By Tracey Bradford née Wells
On 25/09/2012

Hi Tracey, I remember your dad; sorry to hear he passed away.  I remember his brother Les and their dad Les; he used to drink in the Prince of Wales.

 I lived in Royston Avenue and Colin lived in Church Road .

Is Irene still alive?

By Keith Nock
On 26/06/2012

I think 12 is Colin Wells, who I knew only as a Piano player of rock'n'roll when he was married; as I was.

By roger
On 26/06/2012

I also forgot to say My Dad and his brother were pupils at Laindon Highroad School. They lived in Wash Road near the Prince of Wales pub with their mum Irene Wells and dad also Les Wells.

I also went to Laindon school in 1980.

By Tracey Bradford
On 05/06/2012

Can anybody tell me if number 12 on the photograph is Colin Wells, he is my father. He also had a brother called Lesley Wells or Les Wells he was a few years older then him. 

I would love to know as my father Colin wells passed away last year. Please would love to know if it was him.

Thank you

By Tracey Bradford
On 05/06/2012

Headmasters Secretary Name?

17= Mr.Woodward. A Gentleman & Scholar who canned me with Mecano Mag hid in btm! But said I had let him down personally and not to do such again. I did'nt. I liked Him.

By Roger Wicking
On 19/02/2012

24 is me, Roger Wicking; behind Cluffie............................

By Roger Wicking
On 11/02/2012

29 christian name is Alan.

By Dave Coleman
On 06/02/2012

29 surname Burley,16 Was the school governor Mr Pikesly

By Dave Coleman
On 04/02/2012

Hi Ian. Nina is correct number 7 is me sitting next to Mick Page, Richard is second very close and Chris third having another senior moment well done every one this site is great.

By Brian Cordell
On 11/01/2012

I 'm still not convinced on Number 7 on this page, although it looks a bit like Brian Cordell I have, like Gloria, some doubts on it being definitely him. Also Christine has identified the same 7 as being Billy Anderson. Who is right?

Editor: I will see if I can get Brian to confirm.

By Richard Haines
On 02/01/2012

Hi No.19 is Michael Cowman he's my brother. I know we have differant surnames mine being Card and his Cowman but he is my brother and he lives in Lincolnshire now.

By patricia cash nee card
On 31/12/2011

No 21 is Tommy Latchford, 50 is Ann Dolton, 43 is Josie Collins. 42 is Heather Tyler and 44 is Kathy Simpson No 7 is Billy Anderson ( had a 'senior moment' earlier and couldn't remember his surname!!

Editor: Can you pleas check 7 has been confirmed as Brian Cordell

By Christine Hutchings
On 29/12/2011

Gooday Ken, Possibly he is still here, I did check out a Real Estate Office called Quinns a few years back to see if it was Stan. I Cannot recall a Car Yard with that name but that does not mean he did not have one of course. There are a stack of S Quinn in WA phone book. He might have gone back to UK.

By Eric Pasco
On 23/12/2011

Gday Eric, so Stan may be living here in Oz somewhere, I did hear a rumour about that many years ago, something about him having a car yard maybe?

By Ken Page
On 23/12/2011

I agree no 20 is Stan Quinn. Stan lived just around the corner from me in Sandringham Road and I remember he had a huge collection of lead soldiers, forts, tanks, the whole lot in the loft of his house. I also bumped into Stan in Perth, Australia back in 1966, I had been here 2 weeks and he for only a few days. I have never seen him since.

His Nan also had a house in Kent St (now theLaindon Link) which backed onto our house in Essex Rd.

By Eric Pasco
On 21/12/2011

49 maybe Pat Sheppard????

I Recon 20 is Stan Quinn

By Ken Page
On 21/12/2011

No. 36 is Daphne Flegg and I am definitely No. 34

By Maureen James (née Schofield)
On 21/12/2011

Wait for me Andrea, i'm coming with you. Seriously though I think after nearly 56 years you are all doing great.

I know its a bit off subject, but all you site members and admin., have a fantastic christmas and may your dreams new year come true. Gloria x x

By Gloria Sewell
On 19/12/2011

Ann, thanks for clearing up that one. (P6/34). I even got in touch with Mary Attwood to confirm and she came back with the answer that it could well be her. (Spec Savers here we come).

By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell)
On 18/12/2011

Editor you are such fun, we all love you ,well done and thankyou x

By Gloria Sewell
On 18/12/2011

Sorry had to have a little giggle at the" Susan Andrea" Thats me not making myself clear, No 2 is definatly not Susan Andrea ))))

Editor: It is this sort of misunderstanding that makes my job such fun.

By Gloria Sewell
On 17/12/2011

Page 6 No 34 is Maureen Schofield not Mary Attwood

By Ann Rugg
On 17/12/2011

Aha! I get to name myself, 59 is I Ken Page.

By Ken Page
On 17/12/2011

No.2 There were a lot of them, but I think this one is Susan Andrea?

Could 39 be Divina Savage with her lovely long red hair?

By Gloria Sewell
On 16/12/2011

Whoops, good ole Glor dropped another clanger it looks, never mind makes it more exciting.

By Gloria Sewell
On 14/12/2011

I think you will find that No. 7 is Brian Cordell (sitting next to Micky Page). They are also sitting together on the 1958 photo Page 12, Nos. 12 and 14.

Editor: I will speak to my son-in-law to ask his uncle Brian if it is him.

By Nina Humphrey(nee Burton)
On 14/12/2011

No.2 Susan ? No.4 the little girl Pearl always so shy. Sorry No.7 definitely not Brian, could it be David?

By Gloria Sewell
On 14/12/2011

Could number 34 be Mary Attwood?

By Andrea
On 13/12/2011

7 Brian Cordell, 10 Colin Markin ? 58 John Jackson, 52 Patrick Partner, 45 Christene Oliver, 30 Colin Lane, 23 Alan Marchant & 33 Terry Kavanagh

By Colin Clarke
On 13/12/2011

37 - Jean Steer 38 - Sylvie Turner

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 13/12/2011

2 - ? Billington 19 - Michael Cowman? 23 - ? Marchant 35 - Carol Cooper 40 - Eileen Burton 43 - Josie Collins 45 - Christine Oliver? 55 - Peter Hyatt?

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 12/12/2011

No.4 Pearl Covington.

By Eddie Lewis
On 12/12/2011

No. 13. Mr Lane. No. 14. Miss Jollyman. No. 15. Mr Cluff. No. 17. Mr. Woodward. No. 18. Miss Harris. No. 8. Micky Page

By Nina Humphrey (née Burton)
On 12/12/2011