Langdon Hills Primary

1961 School Photograph

By Ian Mott

17 ______?18 ______?19 ______?20 Ronald Head
21  Keiron Hayes22 Stephen Taylor23 Jimmy Quin24 Nigel Hills
25 John Brook26 ______?27 William Smith (Billy)28 ______?
29 Robert Cohen30 Richard Llewellyn31 Graham Roberts32 Stuart Ross

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Langdon Hills Primary' page

By Keith Jackson from Paul Sargeant original

01 John Cleverley02 John Shepherd03 ______?04 Paul Morgan
05 Alistair Llewellyn ?06 ______?07 Johnnie Nutley08 ______?
09 Barry Taylor10 ______?11 Nigel Jenkins.12 Colin Rowell
13 Kim Markham14 Nigel Markham15 Winton Harrison16 ______?

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No. 4 on this page is Paul Morgan. He now owns/runs a farm on the slopes of Cheddar Gorge.

By Shaun Watts
On 20/02/2017

I am No. 15 on this page - Winton Harrison.

By Winton Harrison
On 21/01/2017

No.17 Rob... Scott??  I should really know this, I was only chatting to him about it a mere... 30 years ago!

By Graham Harrison
On 19/07/2015

No. 12 is Colin Rowell.

By Mark Robinson
On 28/05/2015

Think No. 29 is Cohen, maybe Robert Cohen?  It might jog someone's memory who knew him?

I have this original picture and the tube that it came in somewhere. I remember the price was stamped on the tube.

By Gary Stolworthy
On 16/01/2015

I think No. 11 is Nigel Jenkins.

By Melvyn Llewellyn
On 26/08/2014

No. 5 is my twin brother Alistair Llewellyn and No. 30 is our eldest brother Richard Llewellyn.

By Melvyn Llewellyn
On 26/08/2014

No 30 is Richard Llewellyn....No 5.. Alistair Llewellyn?

By Les Goodwin
On 16/09/2013

9. Barry Taylor.

By Mark Robinson
On 10/06/2013

32 - Stuart Ross

By Stuart Ross
On 17/05/2013

20 Ronald Head, 22 Stephen Taylor, 23 Jimmy Quinn, 25 John Brook

By Jon Davis
On 01/05/2013

27 William Smith (Billy) 31 Graham Roberts

By Gary Stolworthy
On 13/04/2013

No2 is John Shepherd, can I get a copy of this picture.

Editor: We are at present looking into getting approval of the owner of the photograph to be able to reproduce it and then how best to reproduce it. I will keep all informed of progress.

By John Shepherd
On 12/04/2013

21 Keiron Hayes

By Chris Markin
On 08/04/2013

No 1 is John Cleverley, 13 is Kim Markham, 14 is Nigel Markham

By Jill Thwaites née Rand
On 28/02/2013

No.24 is Nigel Hills, and No.25 is Jon Brook whose mother taught at the school.

By Martin Robinson
On 29/01/2013

7 is Johnnie Nutley

By Judy Webb (Née Ranson)
On 18/12/2012