Langdon Hills Primary

1961 School Photograph

By Ian Mott

21 Stephanie Harrison22 Frances Tyler23 Jane Rattu ?24 Penny Hooper
25 Julia Rees26 ? Nicholl (Mrs Nicholl's daughter)27 Beverley Pomroy28 Margaret Dowst (Lungley's shop)/Jacky Cook?
29 ? Darby30 Rosemary Maitland31 ______?32 Penny Ward
33 Ursula Hurley34 Christine Robinson35 Christine Gladstone (? and emigrated)36 Elizabeth Wackett
37 Margaret Maccarthur38 Maureen Savill.39 Suki Garson40 Barbara Hurley
41 ______?  

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Langdon Hills Primary' page

By Keith Jackson from Paul Sargeant original

01 Diana Blackford02 ______?03 Glynis Chrome?04 Christine Townsend
05 Vivienne Green06 Judith Dutnall07  Mrs Middleton school secretary08 Mrs Edna Herbert 
09 Mrs Dorothy Gilchrist10 Mrs Ivy Pomroy11 Mrs Chance12 Coleen O'Neil
13 ______?14 Caroline Lock15 Patricia Chesterman16 Jacqueline Marshall
17 Jennifer Bailey18 Lynette Doubleday19 Sandra McDonald20 .............?

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Dr John Garson married Ruth Wynick in 1948.  Their two daughters were Nicole (Nikki) born 1952 and Susan (Suki) born 1953.   Nikki is No. 26 on page 3.  Dr Garson and his family of ‘Bethune’ High Road, Langdon Hills, emigrated to Canada in the sixties.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 30/07/2017

No. 39 Suki Garson, was this her real name, Suki, or a name she was affectionately known as by her school friends? The name sounds just too cute to be real, especially for the time. Garson, not being a particularly common name, might she have been related to Doctor Garson, who shared the surgery at Hiawatha, with Doctor Long?

By Donald Joy
On 30/07/2017

The memories this brings back!  I am still in touch with Ursula Hurley No. 33.

By Carol Wade
On 30/07/2017

No. 32 is myself, Penny Ward.  My brother Guy Ward is No. 40 on page 9.

By PennycWade
On 25/07/2017

My sister was Stephanie Harrison, not Susan Harrison No. 21 above.

By Winton Harrison
On 21/01/2017

No. 3 - Glynis Chrome (I have added a ? as Glynis Chrome has been identified elsewhere). No. 5 - Vivienne Green.  No. 21 - (Susan) Harrison.  No. 23 - Jane Rattu ?.  No. 26 - ? Nicholl (Mrs Nicholl's daughter).  No. 28 - Margaret Dowst (Lungley's shop).  No. 29 - ? Darby.  No. 35 - Christine Gladstone (? and emigrated). These names were supplied by Judith Howgego née Dutnall.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 26/05/2015

No. 10 in the photograph is my mum Mrs Ivy Pomroy, school cook.  No. 27 is Beverley Pomroy not Pamela.

By Gloria Mordecai nee Pomroy
On 05/04/2015

No. 9 is Mrs Dorothy Gilchrist.

By Colin Pegrum
On 08/10/2014

I think I am number 38 in the photograph Maureen Savill.  I recall some of the girls names Ursula Hurley and Elizabeth Wackett, I wondered whether they recall my name. I emigrated to Australia in 1989.

By Maureen Savill
On 28/04/2014

No 16 is Jacqueline Marshall  no 17 Jennifer Bailey no 19 Sandra McDonald 

By Jacqueline Marshall
On 02/03/2014

No 11 is Mrs Chance

By Linda Buckenham Née Markham
On 20/09/2013

No 30 is Rosemary Maitland

By Joan Goodfellow née White
On 09/08/2013

32 Penny something,her younger brother drowned on family holiday. 37 Margaret Maccarthur, my best friend,but she went to Fryerns as she passed her 11 plus, I was devastated! 39 Suki Garson, doctors daughter, another friend, emigrated to Canada. 40 Barbara Hurley

By Elizabeth Willetts née Wackett
On 04/08/2013

No 7 is Mrs Middleton school secretary. ooh I wish they had one of these photos for 1962, when I started, still I do recognise quite a few, great stuff.

By Angela Underdown née Carter
On 27/03/2013

No 1 is Diana Blackford, she emigrated to Australia in about 1964 - according to my mother, Mrs Norma Rand (nee Ruffler) who ran the cubs, with her husband Eric Rand, a few years before this photo was taken. Both now in their 80s, they are fit and well and living in Lincolnshire

By Cherry Waters (née Rand)
On 02/03/2013

No.18 is Lynette Doubleday. No.27 is Pamela Pomroy.

By Martin Robinson
On 01/02/2013

No.14 is Caroline Lock who lived next door but one to the school ( south side ).

By Martin Robinson
On 30/01/2013

No.34 is Christine Robinson, my sister. No.22 is Frances Tyler, who was probably the first person I spoke to when I started school in Mrs Nichols class.

And No.15 is Patricia Chesterman, who I sat next to in Mrs Wendons class. It was very unusual for a boy to sit next to a girl in those days, but she used to make such a fuss of me (fill my inkwell for me, and so on) and we used to get on so well (soul mates really), so it seemed a sensible thing to do. Didn't get any stick from the other boys though.

By Martin Robinson
On 29/01/2013

No 25 - Merill Rees (not sure of spelling)

By Judy Webb (Née Ranson)
On 15/01/2013

Whoops!! no. 8 is Mrs Edna Herbert not no. 4

By Ellen English nee Burr
On 23/12/2012

I thought no 4 on this page was Christine Townsend, I think Edna is on another page

By judy webb
On 22/12/2012

I believe no. 4 is Mrs Edna Herbert

By Ellen English née Burr
On 19/12/2012

24 - Penny Hooper 33 - Ursula Hurley 12 - Coleen O'Neil, 6 is Judith Dutnall, 36 is Elizabeth Wackett.

By Judy Webb (Née Ranson)
On 18/12/2012