Langdon Hills Primary

1961 School Photograph

By Ian Mott

17 Alexis Brown18 Zena MacDonald19 Gillian Sarchet20 ______?
21 Sheila ?22 Annette St George23 Denise Clark24 ______?
25 ______?26 Linda Kingsley.27 Jill Harrington28 Wendy Henbest

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Langdon Hills Primary' page

By Keith Jackson from Paul Sargeant original

01 ______?02 ______?03 Penny St John04 Patricia Smith
05 ______?06 Barbara Treasadern07 ______?08 Dawn Clarke
09 ______?10 Eileen Martin11 Beverley King12 ______?
13 Susan Addy14 Lois Scott15 Jonquil Brown16 Susan Barnett ______?

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This page was added by Ian Mott on 15/12/2012.
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No. 26 is my sister Linda Kingsley, I have not seen her for years.  If you see this Linda, please contact me your loving brother xx

By Stephen Kingsley
On 29/08/2017

Really lovely to see this photo.  The little girl No. 4 is my sister Patricia Smith.

By Maureen Jones ( Smith)
On 27/04/2016

No. 13 - Susan Addy.  No. 14 - Lois Scott.  No. 15 - Jonquil Brown. These names were supplied by Judith Howgego née Dutnall.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 26/05/2015

No. 3 Penny St.John

By Susan Catton
On 13/05/2015

No. 11 is Beverley King.

By Jean Colbear
On 10/05/2015

Corrections! Think No. 26 could be Linda rather than Heather. Also think No. 27 is Jill Harrington.  I believe that her family had a butcher's shop in Laindon High Road.

By Wendy bedwell (nee henbest)
On 03/04/2015

No. 26 is Heather, can't remember surname.  No. 27 is Jill, possibly Butcher or Harrogate!  No. 28 is me, Wendy Henbest.

By Wendy Bedwell (nee Henbest)
On 02/04/2015

No 19 is my Sister Gillian Sarchet

By Julia Rawlings
On 07/09/2014

22 is me Annette St George (Terry). 23 Denise Clark, lived in New Century Road. 21 Sheila. 8 my cousin Dawn Clarke

By Annette Terry
On 20/09/2013

8 Dawn Clarke I have added some different names to pages 1 to 10, not sure about the correct spelling of everyone’s name, may jog a few memories for someone. 

Great to see this picture again, I also have this photo in its original tube grey tube. Only looked at it briefly, will try to remember some more names later.

By Gary Stolworthy
On 13/04/2013

No.19 is Gillian Sarchet. The Sarchet family lived next door but one to me in West Avenue, off Grove Avenue.

By Martin Robinson
On 29/01/2013

6 is Barbara Treasadern, 10 is Eileen Martin

By Judy Webb (Née Ranson)
On 18/12/2012