Note 2

Some site changes and how to have a tea break while writing an article.

In order to keep the category pages that lead you to the articles compact I have collected the stories relating to one family together under a family name heading. The original stories still remain individual, but by collecting them together the reader can follow the family history and memories more easily. I hope!

I will be using these Editors notes to make contributors aware of any changes I make to try and keep the site compact and fresh.  I will also provide tips to assist you in presenting your articles.

Tip – If you are working on an article and you are unable to complete it in one session, you need a cup of tea. Save the article with the save tab highlighted in blue just under the green bar at the top of the page. You will then presented with three options 

  1. Save and continue editing
  2. Save draft for later
  3. Save and Submit

Select 2 and you can then log out.  When you return to the site you will see your article under drafts.  Click on the article and you can carry on where you left off. 
The site Editors will not be receive the article for publication until you save and submit.
If you have difficulty and want assistance just click on Editor to submit an email. 
If you wish to refer to any of these articles they are in the information section.

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