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Somewhere to start new lines of interest

It has become obvious that when making comments about articles, new chains of thought arise and memories go off at a tangent.  I intend therefore to collect these from your comments and set up a new section in the who, what and where to enable these to be collected for expansion as others’ memories are evoked. 
I will, where time permits, contact the contributor to inform them of the changes I have made. I hope this is acceptable to you all.
I will also add a second section so that you can ask for information as to peoples’ memories of friends, work places and location where you spent time in your earlier days.
This will be in addition to the message board where a number of new stories and requests have been made.
So please keep watch on the new sections and message board.
The site is developing well but we need more memories and photographs, and some contributions from the younger members of our community. Remember, people still live in these communities we are trying to tell the social history of and the history is still evolving, despite the destruction caused by the Basildon Development Corporation and its successors.

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  • Hello Ian, Firstly congrats on the good work you and your team are doing. May I suggest a section on The Winston Club as it has been mentioned briefly by some. I can kick this off with my memories.

    For as long as I can remember my Dad was a member and in fact became a Life Member eventually. I remember that the men used to go on a “BEANO” each year and before they left in the coach the men used to toss out sweets and their loose change for the kids to collect. We loved that and collected some tidy sums. I also recall going to the club christmas parties and the little gifts all the kids got. Later (around 1959) Mum & Dad would take me and my younger sister to the club which was dance night Mum & Dad loved to dance. Jill & I would just watch and listen to Sid Blackwell playing the piano and singiing (after he had a few pints). The Club at this time was run by Ted Burton (snr) and then by Ted Burton (jnr) and the last time I went there (maybe 1990) by one of the Daughters and her husband. May still be the case? 

    I recall Dads drinking buddies were ‘Nobby’ Clark, Sid Rosser?, ? Gibson, whose sons were Trevor & Ivan, and I think he was the rival removalist to Jeakins. One year when on a visit from Australia (around 1976) I won the Jackpot on the ‘one armed bandit’ in the club. It is great that in my memory, externally, it is one things that had not changed a great deal in Laindon.

    Editor: Thanks for the request, I will set this up very shortly and transfer your memories.

    By Eric Pasco (31/08/2011)

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