Note 7

An apology and a tip

I apologise to those who have submitted articles and comments that have not yet been published, but following the Laindon School reunion and the high level of interest in the school photographs I have been concentrating on getting them on site. The timing has been prompted by the provision, just prior to the reunion, by Joan Baterip (née Sarfas )  of a copy of the 1958 photograph, which proved so popular, at the reunion, that we felt it must be put on the site. We were then given access to an original copy of the 1956 photograph by Jim Quinton, that I have been able to scan and digitise and will add as soon as I can. Then we were provide with a digitised copy of the 1958 photograph by Andrea Ash (née Pinnell).
I immediately started work to get them on site, however this is quite involved as I have to split the panoramic photograph into reasonably sized sections that when displayed on the site enables the faces to be recognised. This will allow you to provide the names for met to add to the table below each picture. It can take a couple of hours to produce page that can contain up to seventy individuals.
I have also produced an enlarged copy of the 1958 photograph for use at ‘Memory Days’ and suitable events that the Archive attends and will have a version of the 1956 as soon as I have time to print it and for Patsy to put it together.
That is enough of my excuses now for the tip.  If when you read an article you wish to see other article by that author just click on  the name where it says ‘This page was submitted by’.

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  • Ian, fabulous job you have done here. Just a few of us out here putting names and I think we have cracked a few of them so far. I hope others can come in and fill the gaps, so fascinating to see all those children, I can remember Laindon High Road swarming with children going home in the afternoons. No being picked up in mum’s BMW in those days huh!

    By Richard Haines (06/11/2011)
  • I have reworked the numbering on all the pages and corrected my errors. Would you check that the names are still associated with the correct face. 

    Now to start the 1956 

    Have fun.

    By Ian Mott (05/11/2011)
  • Ditto Ditto. Although I was not at LHR in 1958 I recognise so many of the names appearing because I either remember them personally or their brothers & sisters were my age. You are doing a great job Ian, do not apologise Looking forward to next few pages. By the way are you any relation to Richard Mott who was about my year at LHR (1959/60).

    Editor: Not to my knowledge, but I am still working on my family tree and there could be a distant connection.

    By Eric Pasco (04/11/2011)
  • I am Pleased to say that the 1958 photograph on the site now so it is up to you now. Thanks for your enthusiasm and after a rest I will start on the 1956 photograph. I will go back and change to number colouring to gather with other minor errors. When the 1956 photograph is on the site I will look at all the copies I have scanned to see if I can replace the faces that have become blurred in the processing.

    By Ian Mott (04/11/2011)
  • Ian Thank you for the apology but there was really no need. I am sure we all appreciate what an enormous task you have undertaken and how much of your time it is taking up. I would like to add that the site now provides not only an insight into the history of Laindon and the surrounding area but is heart-warmingly reuniting a once close community, which had become widely dispersed. You have all my admiration and I eagerly anticipate each new page of the 1958 photo as it is added. Thank you very much for everything.

    By Nina Humphrey (nee Burton) (03/11/2011)
  • Well done Ian, thank you. And ditto Nina’s remarks.

    By Andrea (03/11/2011)
  • Ian, what a fantastic job you are doing on this photo. Everyone is hooked on naming their friends. It is so frustrating seeing faces you knew but forgetting their names. Also just as bad is looking for someone you knew but not recognising them until someone else points them out. For instance I would never have recognised Anne Edwards from what I remember of that very attractive young lady and likewise I can’t see Vanessa Crew on there, perhaps not in school that day. And so funny about Marion Irish who it turns out was Leslie Buck’s girlfriend. The other thing is who is that pretty girl sitting with Jacqui Sheppard, with dark hair? I thought Mary Baker to start with but she has been identified elsewhere. Could it be Penny Oliver, have a look everyone. No mistaking Coral though.

    By Richard Haines (03/11/2011)

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