Tips on submitting Articles Electronically

Some assistance to allow your article to be presented how you want to see it.

In presenting your article so that it appears how you want it to it would help the editor to achieve this it would be useful to follow these few rules.

Preparing your Article

  1. It is useful to work out what you want to write using a word processor or on paper prior to entering on to the site.
  2. If you are going to add photographs think how you want them displayed in the article there are three options directly available to you, 1) Text next to images, 2) Text above images, 3) Photo gallery format.
  3. If you would like to incorporate your photographs within your article at a specific position just enter a note indicating the location and identifying the photograph, so that the editor can set this up for you.  There are again three basic options, 1) Text to left of image, 2) Text to right of image, 3) Full width image.

Entering your Article

Assuming you have already registered on the site.

  1. Click on my pages.
  2. Add title for your article
  3. Add Words – If you have prepared your article in a word processor you can simply copy the text and paste into the text window (use paste symbol, the clip board in the second group bottom row, at top of text window). If you have hand written your article you can type it straight into the window.
  4. Remember to save it regularly using the save button at the top. You will be presented with three options, 1) Save and continue editing, 2) Save draft for later, 3) Save and Submit. These are self explanatory.
  5. The next stage is to enter your photographs you will need to have these on your computer if you are going to enter them yourself.
  6. Remember to title your photographs and indicate if they are yours (commercial images need approval to be included).

Completing your Article

When you are happy with your article save and submit it for publication.  It will then come to the editor who will read through and if you have requested photographs to be located at specific positions make the necessary alteration and then publish your article.

You will receive notification of when your article has been published and if there are alterations that your require just contact the Editor.

If you have any difficulty or would like some help please contact us at Laindon Library on a Memory Day or by email

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