1911 census (2 of 6)

Schedule No.PropertyRoad / LocationType of PropertyName of Head Occupation
28Dunton RoadBlacksmiths, Post Office & Private HouseMr Newman
*Private HouseBuilding
29St ElmoDunton RoadPrivate HouseMr Morriss
30CranleighDunton RoadPrivate HouseMr Wilding
31StaplehurstDunton RoadPrivate HouseMr Church
32Whelps FarmDunton RoadPrivate HouseMr Coe
*Whelps FarmDunton RoadCottagesUninhabited
33Whelps FarmDunton RoadCottagesMr Prince
34Sellars FarmDunton RoadFarm HouseMr Buckenham
35Sellars FarmDunton RoadCottagesMr Harrington
36Sellars FarmDunton RoadCottagesMr Wade
37Fortune of War CottagesLaindonCottagesMr Pledger
38Fortune of War CottagesCottagesMr Clark
39Fortune of War CottagesCottagesMr Oakley
40Fortune of War InnPublic HouseMrs Wade
41Watch House FarmLaindonFarm HouseMr Burrell
42Mundels FarmLaindonFarm HouseMr Buckenham
43Old Mundels Farm HouseLaindonCottageMr Williams
44Prince of Wales Cottagesnear Prince of WalesCottageMr Oakley
45Meadow Cottagenear Prince of WalesCottageMr Drewry
46Prince of Wales InnLaindonPublic HouseMr Franklin
*Private HouseUninhabited
47Doves FarmLaindonFarm HouseMrs Bean
48Milton LodgeCentral ParkPrivate HouseMr Guest

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Schedule No.PropertyRoad / LocationType of PropertyName of HeadOccupation
*Private HouseUninhabited
49Central Park LodgePrivate HouseMr Jones
50Bensons FarmLaindonFarm HouseMr Hurrill
51Elm CottageLaindonPrivate HouseMr Glass
52Florence VillaLaindonPrivate HouseMr Friend
*Central HallChapelNot used as dwelling
*Mr JarvisHutUninhabited
53Home LodgeLaindonPrivate HouseMr Harriss
54Norfolk HouseLaindonPrivate HouseMrs Carter
55Laindon Ponds FarmLaindonFarm HouseMr Hockley
56Portsea HouseLaindonPrivate HouseMr Trew
*Central Park EstateRailway CarriageUninhabited
57The AnchorageKimberley Road, Central Park EstatePrivate HouseMr Lubbock
*Edwards NurseriesGlasshousesNot used as dwelling
*Park LodgeCentral Park EstateWood HouseUninhabited
*Rose BriarCentral Park EstateWood HouseUninhabited
*Rose ViewCentral Park EstateWood HouseUninhabited
58Pretoria Avenue, Central Park EstatePrivate HouseMr Coningham
*WayandotteCentral Park EstateWood HouseUninhabited
*“another no name”Central Park EstateWood HouseUninhabited
59The CabinCentral Park EstatePrivate HouseMr Karner
60Crays Hill Road EstatePrivate HouseMr Russell
*HallCrays Hill Road EstateChapelNot used as dwelling
61Mafeking CottageCentral Park EstatePrivate HouseMr Hillman
62Hunts FarmBasildon RoadFarm HouseMr Ellingford

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