1911 census (4 of 6)

Schedule No.PropertyRoad / LocationType of PropertyName of HeadOccupation


*Waverly Road, Waverly EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
107Waverly Road, Waverly EstatePrivate HutMr Pegram
108Church RoadPrivate HouseMr Gurnish
109Church RoadPrivate HouseMr Barrett
110ElmsfieldStation RoadPrivate HouseFordham, Frederick ArthurBuilder & Contractor
111RosslynStation Road (High Road)Private HouseKent, JohnGardener
112LouisvilleStation RoadPrivate HouseCollinson, ErvinWarehouseman
113CarlyleStation RoadPrivate HouseNevett, Arthur Charles JohnLaw Clerk
114ArmadaleStation Road (High Road)Private HouseCox, Charles WilliamCommission Agent
115Trafalgar VillaStation RoadPrivate HouseCole, James CorneliusPolice Pensioner
116LondesboroStation Road (High Road)Private HouseSmith, RobertUnemployed (Late Omnibus Driver)
117The BramblesStation Road (High Road)Private HouseYounger, Francis RobertCopper Plate Engraver
118BellinghamStation Road (High Road)Private HouseGibbons, Mrs HHead
119Ceylon VillaStation RoadPrivate HouseGuthrie, ElizabethHead
120York VillaStation RoadPrivate HouseHiscocks, Claude W
121St TearaTavistock Road, Cowles EststePrivate HouseMr Lane
122MarylandsPauls Road, Cowles EstatePrivate HouseMr French
123Hearn LodgeCowles Estate LaindonPrivate HouseMr Eves
124The CotCowles Estate LaindonPrivate HouseMr Twydale
*Tavistock Road, Cowles EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
125Belle ViewCowles Estate LaindonPrivate HouseMr Norman
126ClearemontCowles Estate LaindonPrivate HouseMr Bedford
127MulreadyCowles Estate LaindonPrivate HouseMr Shellock
128BelhuslubberCowles Estate LaindonPrivate HouseMr Lacey
*Church RoadPrivate HouseUninhabited

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Schedule No.PropertyRoad / LocationType of PropertyName of HeadOccupation
129HomehurstStation Road (High Road)Private HouseCullis, William HenryFishmonger
130The RetreatStation RoadPrivate HouseTilbury, HenryButcher
*WindcliffStation RoadPrivate HouseUninhabited
*CoulsworthyStation RoadPrivate HouseUninhabited
*Combe MartinStation RoadPrivate HouseUninhabited
*Fair NatalStation RoadPrivate HouseUninhabited
131MorningsideStation RoadPrivate HouseWass, SamuelSalvation Army Officer
& Clerk in SA Assurance Office
*Sunny DaleStation RoadPrivate HouseUninhabited
132GreenhaughStation RoadPrivate HouseFlanders, Amelia H
133WimberleyCowles Estate, LaindonPrivate HouseMr Fuin
134HeathcoteStation Estate, LaindonPrivate HouseMr Guy
135Box CottageStation Estate, LaindonPrivate HouseMr Perry
136MerrifieldUlster Road, Station EstatePrivate HouseMr Endean
137Herbert HouseSandringham Road, Station EstatePrivate HouseMr Marshall
138Sandringham LodgeSandringham Road, Station EstatePrivate HouseMr Saveall
139The HutStation EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
140Bush CottageStation Estate, LaindonPrivate HouseMr Cooper
141York HouseStation Estate, LaindonPrivate HouseMr Brockwell
142Windsor HouseWindsor Road, Station EstatePrivate HouseMr Brooks
*AmblesideStation EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
143Inverness HouseInverness Road, Station EstatePrivate HouseMr Warren
144Amelia LodgeStation Estate, LaindonPrivate HouseMr Pickitt
145Spey BungalowStation Estate, LaindonPrivate HouseMcLean, Thomas
*Northumberland Avenue, Station EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
*Windsor RoadLock-up shopNot used as dwellings

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  • I have looked closely at the image from the enumerator’s book for the 1911 Census, and I have made two transcription errors for the property schedule No. 126. The name of the occupier is indeed “Mr Beckford” and the address was recorded as  ”Clearmont” – no second “e”.

    I have checked the spelling for property schedule No. 123, and this is recorded as “Hearn Lodge” – no “e” on “Hearn”.

    Please accept my apologies for the confusion caused.

    Addresses of properties in the enumerator’s book and on the covers of the return sheets are recorded by the enumerator. The addresses written on the return sheets are made by an occupier, usually the head. Spelling and detail can and do differ.

    For example, my great-grandfather Mr Albert is recorder as living at “Maple Villa, Station Road” in the enumerator’s book. But on the return sheet no mention is made of “Maple Villa”. The only reference I have found that the property was called “Maple Lodge” is in the enumerator’s book.

    By Eddie Hunt (06/01/2015)
  • Mr Bedford.  I have checked through the records and I believe you have spotted something interesting.

    On the 1911 Census your Grandfather, Samuel Bedford and his wife Lilian were living at 39 Sunningdale Road, Barking with two children, Gladys and Samuel.  Samuel Snr is described as a Chemist’s Assistant at Boots Cash Chemist.

    I believe that the Mr ‘Bedford’ shown living in ‘Clearemont’ in Laindon 1911 are spelling mistakes made during transcription.    I’ve searched through the 1911 Census and can’t find anybody living in Laindon at that time with the surname Bedford.  However I did find a Mr ‘Beckford’ living in ‘Claremont’. 

    Robert Edward Eves age 76 was living at Hearne Lodge, Laindon at the time of the 1911 Census.  He appears to have been a caretaker for the French family of Lodge, Blue House Farm. 

    Your Grandfather moved to Hearne Lodge, Laindon sometime between 1911 and 1918 no doubt after Mr Eve’s death.

    I have looked through the Electoral Registers and found Samuel William Bedford and his wife Lilian Ada were living in Hearne Lodge, Tavistock Road in 1918, 1929,1949 and 1956.  In 1962, Hearne Lodge was occupied by Derek R Bedford and Elfriede Gates.  Hearne Lodge isn’t mentioned on the 1968 Electoral Register.

    I hope this information helps to explain the confusion.  Best wishes. Nina

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (05/01/2015)
  • Hi, thanks for the information, it’s all very interesting. I have a tenancy agreement that was dated 1913, so I believe my grandfather lived in Hearne Lodge from about this date. He travelled to London every day working for Boots the Chemist. He was also a well known cross country runner, sadly he died in 1958 just two months after my grandmother. 

    By Jeff Bedford (05/01/2015)
  • I find this strange, because my grandfather S W Bedford lived in Hearn Lodge, which was spelt (Hearne Lodge).  He lived there for nearly 45 years but on the Census form it shows him living in Chearemont.

    By J Bedford (04/01/2015)

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