1911 census (5 of 6)

Schedule No.PropertyRoad / LocationType of PropertyName of HeadOccupation
146Post OfficeStation RoadShopCOLLINGS, Jane
147GrocerStation RoadShopRAITT, William RGrocer And Provision Dealer
148Station RoadShopLUFF, HarryPensioner Civil Service and Cycle Agent
149Station Road (High Street)ShopKIMM, Charles CarterDrapers
15013 High Street, Station RoadShopADAMS, StephenShop Keeper
151Station RoadShopHART, RobertCoffee House Keeper
152Maple VillaStation RoadPrivate HouseALBERT, AdamPensions Gas Works
153Oak VillaStation RoadPrivate HouseMANSFIELD, Charles HenryHouse Decorator
*Avon DaleStation RoadPrivate HouseUninhabited
*Glen RosaStation RoadPrivate HouseUninhabited
154Belle VueStation RoadPrivate HouseMILLER, John WhiteCarman Contractor
155CottenhamStation RoadPrivate HousePARKINSON, James HicksBuilders Merchant
156Laindon HotelStation RoadPublic HouseNEWTON, Charles HenryHotel Keeper
1571Bedford Road, County EstatePrivate HouseMr Wellington
*2Bedford Road, County EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
158GlenleighBedford Road, County EstatePrivate HouseMr Rosetta
*HazeldeneCounty EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
159WoodlandsNorfolk Road, County EstatePrivate HouseMr Knight
160FarmleighNorfolk Road, County EstatePrivate HouseMr Newton
161Florence VillaNew Century Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Kendrick
162The NookNew Century Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMrs Gunn
163FairlightNew Century Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Evetts
164Fair OakNew Century Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Hopday
*Manor HallManor House EstateChapelNot used as dwelling
165Madras VillaWorthing Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Hodkinson

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Schedule No.PropertyRoad / LocationType of PropertyName of HeadOccupation
166BangaloreWorthing Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Gibbs
167The SanctumWorthing Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Saunders
168Hill ViewWorthing Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Loughton
*BungalowWorthing Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
169Ivy CottageWorthing Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Hanford
170Manor HouseManor Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr King
171The LimesManor Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Clark
*Wood HutManor House EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
*BungalowManor Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
172Mansfield HouseManor Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMrs Allenbooron
173South ViewManor Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMrs Norton
*Manor CottageManor House EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
174LyndonTattenham Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Chapman
175HillsideTattenham Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Chilman
176MerlewoodManor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Douglas
*ChapmansGreenhousesNot used as dwelling
177The HutRoberts Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMrs Miles
178Ewhurst LodgeDevonshire Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Penstone
179Oakley LodgeDevonshire Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseMr Wollen
*The HutDevonshire Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseUninhabited
*BlacksmithManor House EstateWheelwright ShopNot used as dwelling
180Alpha HouseStation Road, Manor House EstatePrivate HouseClark, Frederick CharlesCarpenter
181Blue House FarmLaindonFarm HouseMr Markham
182Blue House Farm CottagesFarm HouseMr French

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  • I have a copy of the 1945 Electoral Register Burstead/Laindon) Ward, Laindon West District, where Spion Kop (Burton) and The Retreat (Cooper) are shown on the same page. The two bungalows were just a few yards from each other. Strange how a few yards made a lot of difference where boundaries were concerned in 1911.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (26/05/2019)
  • Thank you Eddie.  I would really like to see the section “Little Burstead (Entire) and Dunton (Entire)”. added to the article if possible.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (06/02/2017)
  • Hi Nina, The list is for the 1911 Census return for “Laindon” and is taken from the Enumerator’s summary book. You have given the reason why the Cooper Family is not in the list in your description of where The Retreat was located. Due to the strange parish boundaries, The Retreat would have been included in 1911 Census return for the civil parishes of “Little Burstead (Entire) and Dunton (Entire)”. As can be seen on Ancestry.

    By Eddie Hunt (05/02/2017)
  • One family omitted from this list was the Cooper Family of ‘The Retreat’, Alexandra Road, Manor House Estate.  This bungalow actually stood at the end of Alexandra Road which was a turning off the unmade part of King Edward Road.  This area is very close to where Dunton Research Centre now stands and where my family’s bungalow ‘Spion Kop’ stood until 1975.

    The Retreat was first occupied from around 1906 by Mr Herbert and Mrs Ada Hurrell.  By 1911 the Cooper family had moved in.   Frederick Cooper was not in residence at the time of the Census as he was working in London but his wife Emma and their 9 year old daughter Irene Hildred, together with Emma’s father John Seal are listed at the address.   The 1914/15 Electoral Registers for Little Burstead name Ada Hurrell as the owner of The Retreat, therefore the Cooper family were apparently her tenants.

    My family, the Burtons, knew the Cooper family well. Frederick’s bachelor brother, Jim, also moved in with them.  Very sadly, the daughter Irene died from appendicitis in 1932 aged just 30.  Her mother Emma died in 1942.  The two brothers lived there until Frederick died in 1949.  Jim lodged with my nan in ‘Pendennis’ for a while before going into a nursing home. He died in 1950.  The Retreat then stood empty.

    I was born in 1946 so didn’t know the family but as The Retreat stood just a few yards from our bungalow, I knew it well.  It was a well-built brick bungalow, with quite an ornate fireplace and a harpsichord in the living room.  My sister and I would sometimes wander through the rooms where the gas stove was still in place in the kitchen.  There was an open well just a few feet from the kitchen.  My mother considered it dangerous, so my brother and I filled it with empty bottles and cans.

    The garden was extensive and my dad looked after it and kept it in a tidy condition for the next 15 years.  As it had remained unoccupied for so long and no descendants of the original owners could be traced, it was suggested that he could claim it under ‘squatter’s rights’.  He instructed a Solicitor who took up the case on his behalf, however the first requirement was to take out insurance on the piece of land, but as no insurance company was willing to take it on (probably as we were so close to Basildon New Town and compulsory purchases were taking place) the claim had to be abandoned.    The bungalow slowly deteriorated over the years and had virtually collapsed by the late 60s.

    In 1975 my parents’ property was compulsory purchased by the Basildon Development Corporation and the collapsed bungalow and its surrounding land, which adjoined ours, went automatically to the BDC and now forms part of the far north end of Victoria Park, Laindon.  The Cooper’s well which was just outside their kitchen is still there and a few remaining bricks can be found amongst the undergrowth.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (02/02/2017)
  • This is a brilliant submission, yet even here while it would seem indisputable that the foremost name for what became the High Road was Station Road although once again High Street and High Road both appear. It also shows that Wash Road was once Laindon Road and that Noak Hill Road was Billericay Road (this was once the subject of discussion between myself and Ken Porter). Also that Church Road which was once School Lane was Church Rd. prior to being renamed, which I had previously suggested as well as the possibility of it being Black Hut Lane.

    A further piece of information was the post office in Dunton Road and which I sought information as to its whereabouts on the page of Laindon Post offices. It is now shown to be located in the same premises as the forge and gives Mr.Newman (the blacksmith) as the inhabitant and presumably the postmaster and could precede the Andrews Post office. This a really informative presentation giving fresh information in relation to old Laindon and will no doubt invoke much further comment from readers.

    Editor: Hopefully we can put together the information from the same parishes for the 1901 Census. Aslo perhaps we can include the other parishes that make up our community.

    By W.H.Diment (10/02/2013)

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