Ian Mott

A little of my background

I am not an Essex man having moved from North London to Dunton in 1952. My mother and father lived at Dunton until my father died in 1996 and then my mother lived the rest of her life in Laindon.

In 1966 I married a real Essex girl born in Laindon and apart from the first four years of our marriage we have lived in Laindon.

I trained as an Electrical Engineer with the London Electricity Board and after a couple of other jobs in London I took up a post with Essex County Council in 1975 as an Electrical Building Services Engineer, looking after their properties in the Basildon, Brentwood, Billericay, Pitsea and Wickford areas.  I continued working with the County and their Consultants until 2001 when I Joined Essex Police as the Head of Engineering and finally retired in 2009.

I have many interests including Walking, Family History, Local History, Photography, Canals, Computing, Energy Conservation and the Environment.

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  • Hi Ian. Small world, I’m off to an undisclosed location today for your last employer to do some electrical work …..strange how lives in a landscape overlap …..on the subject of compensation ….where I live on the corner of Nichol Road and High Road  the tenants of my property were paid £4,500 in 1967 for losing a corner of the front garden to the new sweep of Nichol Road as it was unmade until then.   Interesting I’m sure.

    By Rob (17/09/2014)
  • Hi Rob. My father’s one and a third acres was compulsorily purchased for less than that as we’re many of the other plotlanders properties.

    By Ian Mott (17/09/2014)
  • Hi Ian,

    I’ve just read you info on Dunton in particular “Mon Ami” that was owned by my grandmother who must have sold it to your father in 1952 !!  Spent many happy times there as a Nine year old even without electrify/ flushing toilet but the fruit on the trees made up for it.  Would be very interested in info about “Mon Ami” including any photos.


    By Douglas R Marshall (16/09/2014)
  • Hi Douglas

    Yes I agree that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks of living at “Mon-Ami”, which was only brought to an end by the Development Corporation. I am tied up with hospital appointments at the moment but will dig out some photographs as soon as I can.

    I have put an article originally written by my father about his fight to retain “Mon-Ami” which has a couple of photographs of the front of the house (click on this link to see)

    By Ian Mott (16/09/2014)
  • Hallo Ian, I understand your comment at not remembering names as I also suffer from this. Tom was the Chief Inspector of the Essex Traffic Police during your time there, perhaps this might just jog your memory, although I understand with your differing positions you may not had any contact with him.

    I am sure that our paths crossed over the years but I do not recall any specific meeting.  My job was to ensure that the services within the buildings they used were maintained in good serviceable condition.

    By W.H.Diment (29/10/2011)
  • Hallo Ian, having read the history of your working days finally with the Essex Police Force. You may know my youngest son Tom Diment who would have been at Chelmsford the same time as you. and also retired and emigrated to Canada and now lives in the small township of Okotoks just at the foot of the Rockies.

    Editor: William I am afraid that the name does not ring any bells with me but remembering names has never been my strong point.

    By W.H.Diment (28/10/2011)
  • My sister knew Lenny and Georgina Mott from Dunton are you related to them?

    Sorry Joe I have not been able to find any connection so far in doing my family history.

    By Joe Rudniski (15/09/2011)
  • I went to Dunton School in the fiftys the head was Mrs. Mason, we use to have nature walks around the plotlands and Merrylands Chase. My teacher was Mr. Moffat I knew a lot of the people in that area.

    Editor: Joe, please let us have your memories of your years at Dunton School and living in the area as we are very short of memories for that part of our Community.  I am working on mine and trying hard to persuade others.

    By Joe Rudniski (15/09/2011)

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