Patsy Mott (née Tyler)

I am a proper Essex girl.

I am a proper Essex girl born in Northumberland Avenue, Laindon in 1945. My father’s family came from Billericay, Stock, Halstead, Castle Hedingham and Gosforth all in Essex. My mother came from New Cross and further back her roots were from Dorset and Scotland.

The family moved to Powell Road in Laindon to a brand new house in 1948 and today still occupied by our daughter & son-in law so has been in our family over the past 55years.

I went to Markhams Chase School from 1950-1956 then Laindon High Road School until 1960.

I then trained in London making hand made silk lampshades then moved to working in Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea where I worked managing, designing and making lampshades in two retail premises until we married in 1966.  

We moved to London where our two children were born. I taught Needlework & Dressmaking in Adult Education for the London Borough of Newham for 4 years before moving back to Laindon in 1970. I continued to teach here in Laindon until 1979 when we started our own company, working from home as this also allowed me to bring up our family.

I have worked over many years doing voluntary teaching in local schools mainly infant and junior children. My interests are Needlework, all lacemaking, Pottery and Art, Photography, Gardening, Local and Natural History, Cycling and walking.

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  • I lived at 17 Powell Road from 1968 ish until 1977. Have such happy memories of this road.

    By Lorna Pyzer nee Grout (21/11/2020)
  • Hi Patsy, just wanted to say it was lovely seeing you on Saturday at the library, the web site is fantastic, so a very big thank you to you and Ian for bringing it all together. I told brother Chris and he will come along to the next meet at the library.

    By Angela Underdown (née Carter) (12/12/2011)
  • Gloria, thanks for your comment. Our house in Powell Road was one of the first to be compleated on the estate along with the houses in King Edward road. Like the white pebble dashed houses on either side at the start of K.E. road ours is the only one of its kind on the estate. It too is white but has a hip roof unlike those in King Edward Road that have Gable Roofs -straight at the ends. Our group of houses (from number 9-27) were built first along with numbers 2-8 in Powell Road. When we moved in the house in 1948 they were still building Briar Mead and then the houses further up Powell Road where the architecture changes from number 29-(where Valerie Taylor lived) were being built. I remember it well as I was climbing with my brother on the window frames stacked ready for instalation. I had an accident nearly cutting my eye open and was very frightened, I was only 3 years old.Think you must be remembering the houses further up our road being built where you got your chalk from. I have a photo of the properties at the top of the road partially constructed taken from the flats opposite where a cousin lived. I remember you well also Fred, we were in the same year at school. 

    When Ian has enough time we will put the photos that Miss Pike has given me from Markhams Chase on site. We are so busy there is not enough time to do all of the projects.

    By Patsy Mott (17/11/2011)
  • Hello Patsy, yes we also had a white pebble dash Airy House the 3rd down from Devonshire same side as telephone box. I don’t know if you agree with me ours was very hot in summer and freezing in the winter but it did not seem to matter to much then.

    I started Markhams Chase in 1948 so I am a little older than you Patsy. I am, all being well, going to come down for 10th Dec. day. I am dying to meet you again not only to thank you for the work you do to make this site possible but also to see everyone again.

    By Gloria Sewell (17/11/2011)
  • Gloria; Thanks for your reply, our house was not of the same construction as your Airy home. It was brick built the same as the first houses on the estate. These were in King Edward Terrace, King Edward Road, Tattenham Road, several in the three Meads off the North side of King Edward Road and several in Devonshire on the East side. Only four double houses in King Edward and our double house in Powell Road were white pebble dashed all the others were left red brick. 

    We hope to be at the memory day on the 10th December and look forward to seeing you.

    By Patsy Mott (née Tyler) (17/11/2011)
  • Patsy we really must know each other we lived so close as children in fact King Edward Rd the part I lived in was built first and we would get some bits of plaster board from where they were building your house to chalk on the roads. 

    A girl called Valerie Taylor, that I knew, lived in Powell Road and the Venner twins and the Simmon’s family with thier dear son John, who loved to speak with everyone, do you remember any of these Pat.

    By Gloria Sewell (21/09/2011)

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