Ken Porter

Ken Porter

Born in Laindon in 1944, can trace ancesters back to the 1880s. Retired Financial Director.

Passion is cricket, other interests history (local) and conservation.

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  • Hi Georgina
    This was possible my Uncle Ron who lived opposite me in Pound Lane. Other than me, he was the only boy, all the others were girls until my brother came along many years later…the name in fact is Pitts. Thank you for your condolences, yes mum would have been 98 this week.

    Thank you Ken

    By Kenneth Porter (10/09/2019)
  • Hi Ken, Whilst attending Southend Hospital today a man heard me talking about Laindon and joined the conversation. It transpired his name was Pitt and that he was connected to your family. He said he had lived in Pound Lane with his parents and sisters. He also said your mother had recently passed away. If this is the case, please accept my condolences and if not my apologies.

    By Georgina Nottage (nee Ellingford) (09/09/2019)
  • Hallo Ken, I remember somewhere in the archive it was said that virtually nothing has been recorded about Langdon Hills CC and you stated that you may possibly research this. 

    I have just read a small note that in April 1913 they held a ‘smoking concert’ at which 9 singers sang 30 songs. This must surely place them as the oldest cricket club in the area.

    By W.H.Diment (31/01/2012)
  • Hallo Ken, further to your comment that it was Hilda who was the predominant athlete of the Pitt family, while I only attended the High Rd., for one term, I took part in a 4×4 mixed relay and I believe that the female to whom I handed the baton for the 4th leg was Gladys and not Hilda, although after all this time, I may have been mistaken.

    By W.H.Diment (18/11/2011)
  • Hi Terry, I remember you well, you were a year behind me at school but always kept me out of the district sports team and you were not a bad footballer. It was good to meet up at the October memory day.

    By Ken Porter (09/11/2011)
  • Hi Bill It was my mother ‘Hilda’ who was the athlete, she remembers you well, I will have to check up to see what she remembers about Ivy. My sister Jillean took after her, unbeaten in the district sports and went on to be captain of the England Net Ball team. Reaching a hundred caps and a mention in the Guinness book of Records.

    By Ken Porter (09/11/2011)
  • While I have known Ken for a number of years and his keen cricketing interest, which is known by many, the following might not be common knowledge. 

    I recall from prewar days from my sister, Ivy Diment, who also attended the High Road School that there was extremely keen competition between her and the Pitt sisters Hilda and Gladys as to who was the foremost runner. I do not believe this ever resolved. My comments on Kens mum and aunt may yet stir a few memories

    By W.H.Diment (02/11/2011)
  • Terry, do you remember the 1959 sports day at Laindon High Road School, I was only a first year but recall you were a brilliant runner. My house was Plainsmen but I think you were in the yellow team Hillsmen. Was it the mile you were good at? I know the blue team were eventually the winners (flag at the top of the pole). Brilliant days!!

    By Richard Haines (19/09/2011)
  • Hi Kenny, you might remember me, Terry Venner. My 2nd cousin sent me information about this site. as everyone has already made comment, great memories, great times. Your piece on the railway cottages is especially poignant, my grand parents the Saltmarsh’s lived at No 6. They looked after me (before I was old enough to go to Markhams Chase), while my Mum cleaned house for the doctors at Langdon Hills.

    By Terry Venner (16/09/2011)

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