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  • Friends Reunited ceased operating in February 2016. There were a number of photographs relevant to Laindon High Road School on that website and it would be nice if they could be reproduced on our archive. One in particular that I recall seeing was taken in the 60s of Linda Chester and some of her school friends. If anybody knows the whereabouts of any such photos or the people who may have them, could you mention this website to them and ask if they might share with us  Thanks. 

    By Donald Joy (23/11/2016)
  • Can’t help wondering, Nina Burton, if you may be related to the Burton family that lived on the end of the row of houses in Pound Lane where I lived as a boy?  The address would have been, 16, Airey Houses.  Dad named Harry, Mum Iris and two children, daughter Kim and son Stephen. I last saw Iris and Kim near Tarpots Benfleet about 30 ! years ago when Kim had recently become a mum herself. Harry, I was told, was a caretaker at a local primary school and he and Iris lived in the caretakers house in the schools grounds. Be nice if you were related as it could lead to rekindling old friendship.

    By Donald Joy (29/08/2015)
  • Don.  No family connection – sorry.  My dad’s family came from Stratford in East London and had a weekend plotland bungalow in Alexandra Road (off King Edward Road) from 1915.  It became our permanent home from 1938 (I was born 1946 and lived there until I was married).  My dad’s brother Cyril Burton had a bungalow in King’s Road, Laindon – one of his sons still lives in that road.  One of my dad’s older brothers, Edward (known as Bill), had a wood yard in Manor Road, Laindon around 1949/50.  However we are not related to the Burton family of Pound Lane. Best wishes.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (29/08/2015)
  • Nina, it would appear that I have seriously misjudged you, I would have sworn you were much older than myself. This is because you seem to know so much stuff about Laindon and its inhabitants. Seeing your comment where you say you were born in 1946 makes you just one year my senior (1947). So how is it that you know sooo much more than me? And please don’t do the bit where you tell me it’s because you are female and take more notice of things going on around you! Maybe if we meet I might recognise you from LHR?

    By Donald Joy (29/08/2015)
  • A while ago I had a conversation with a friend about all our green spaces slowly being concreted over.  Lee Chapel North being the current new build  victim.  He said to me many years ago the idea was bounded about by the Council/Corporation to investigate if it was possible to run a new street or line of homes between Roberts Road and Powell Road due to the fact that many of the gardens are 100 foot in length back to back. Ripe for housing.  Can anyone confirm or deny this story?

    Also, were the aforementioned houses built by Billericay District Council along with Kathleen Ferrier estate just before the convertion to Basildon District Council?  Many thanks Rob.

    By Rob Laindon (27/08/2015)
  • Hi Rob.  Yes the houses on Kathleen Ferrier estate were built by Billericay District Council. My older brother and sister-in-law moved into a new house there in 1955.  My Sister-in-Law told me that when they were allocated the house, in order to collect the keys, she had to walk all the way to Billericay Council’s office in Billericay with their two small children in the pram.  She then had to walk there and back once a fortnight to pay the rent!  (She still lives in the same house).      

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (27/08/2015)

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