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Two Laindon’s sporting clubs seem to have little in the way of recorded history in the archives, yet surely there are persons who fathers or grandfathers played with them.
Dunton United Football Club.  I have a number of names who played prewar but no one seems to have personal memories of them.
Langdon Hills Cricket Club which existed pre WW1 does not appear to have much early history recorded. I can remember playing against them post WWII but the only players which come to mind were the three Smith brothers and ‘Spud’ Murphy.
Can anyone help to record the history of these clubs for posterity?

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  • I may well be wrong, but I seem to recall ‘Spud’ Murphy played for Laindon United, along with Pigeon brothers during the time my now late Dad was on the committee.

    By Brian Baylis (09/12/2016)
  • Hi Sue Having spoken to my brother yesterday, as predicted I did get my facts wrong! Our neighbour was Peter Parr, maybe a relation to your husband? My apologies to you. Regards Pat

    By Pat Aspinall (06/04/2013)
  • Hi Sue, was the Tony Parr you mention married to Pearl?

    By Linda Clarke (06/04/2013)
  • Hi Sue; A Tony Parr used to be my neighbour when I lived in Lord Burleigh Drive from 1942-1957. We were then compulsory purchased by Basildon Corporation and moved to Langdon Hills. However Tony lived next door but one (I remember him being very handsome!) I think he was older than me, probably my brother’s age, who is 4 years older. We were very friendly with Tony’s mother, but I cannot recall his father. That could just be my memory of course, which is pretty hopeless these days! 

    I am sure my brother will recall more, I will contact him and let you know, always supposing this Tony is your husband. I look forward to hearing from you. You can obtain my email address from the editor. Regards

    By Pat Aspinall née Brooker (05/04/2013)
  • With regard to sporting clubs of long ago, I was glancing through a 1936 copy of the Laindon Recorder when I noticed a report of the Langdon Hills Parish Council in which a proposal was made to repaint the pavilion on the recreation ground and also improve the football and hockey pitches. This was carried and the sum of £15 (yes fifteen) allocated for this purpose. It occurred to me that I have never before heard of a hockey club in this area. Does anyone have memories of their mothers or grandmothers playing in such a club, presuming of course that it was a ladies club?

    By William Diment (20/02/2013)
  • Hi. After reading your article I remembered that I had a small cup that belong to my dad which has the initials L.L.C.C on which I believe is the Langdon hills cricket club. He recieved this in 1956 for sportman of the year. 

    My dads name was Tony Parr who also was known as Sandy. Does anyone remember him?

    By Sue (15/01/2013)
  • H Bill Do not know to much about the Dunton Football Club but I have a fair amount of information on the Langdon Hills Cricket team. Give me a few weeks and I will do an article on its history

    By Ken Porter (21/11/2012)

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