Dunton Reunion 2011

This is my opportunity to visit and reminisce my childhood playground

We had the pleasure of taking the Laindon Community Archive to the 10th Dunton reunion. We have been to many of the reunions over the years and this years more than lived up to the enjoyable event we have experienced over the years.

The day started at a reasonable 10:00 when Audrey and Len Carter who organise the event, arrived with the necessary gazebos and food for the buffet. We all got to work to set up the site ready for the start at 12 o’clock. 

The guests and members of the original Dunton Community were very keen and started to arrive while we were still completing the setting up and the reunion was soon in full swing. There were a considerable number of new faces this year as well most of the regulars.  After an excellent buffet organised by Audrey we were entertained by Joe who was on top form as usual on his home ground at Dunton, a lot of his one liners have connections with the locals that makes them very poignant.  

The gathering was so engrossed in their reminiscing that most of them missed a fleeting visit from Christine Walkden (the gardening expert from the One Show and Gardeners Question Time) who visited the Haven with friends to retrieve her dog who smelt the food.

The afternoon continued with little groups gathered together to reminisce about old times and friends and catching up with the News.We were also able to find time to discuss the aims of the Archive with a considerable number of the visitors and friends.

The very enjoyable day came to a close at about 4 o’clock with the weather only having interrupted the proceedings with a couple of short showers. It did make a little extra work for Len as it decided to throw a shower just as we started to pack up meaning he would have to dry out the Gazebos.

Finally I would like to express our thanks to Audrey and Len for the hard work they put in to allow the members of the old Dunton Community and their friends to have a very enjoyable day looking back at those unforgettable days when there was a buoyant community in Dunton.   

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  • Wonderful to be able to attend the reunion and meet old friends. Can’t believe that I missed you Bruce, perhaps next time! My husband was amazed at the friendship shown to him by everyone present. He had rather expected to be “an outsider” but was made very welcome. Going back at the weekend to retrace old steps and take some photographs.

    By Pat Smith nee Franklin (17/08/2011)
  • My first time at this reunion and the first time that I have been back to ‘The Haven’ in close on 50 years I guess. Glad that the bungalow still stands but both sad and angry that it is ‘just a museum’ I’m sure that most who were there feel much the same. 

    So nice to meet up with some I thought never to see again and very much hope to be back for the next one. My thanks to Audrey for making it all happen.

    By Bruce Bellamy (14/08/2011)

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