The Dunton Reunion 2015

A lovely sunny afternoon was spent in the back garden of the Haven.

Everything was in place by 11:45 when the first guests began to arrive.  At least 40 people attended the event.  Some took the opportunity to soak up the sun, while others preferred the shade of the gazebos.  The Laindon Archive’s photographic display was as popular as ever and led to many enjoyable conversations about life in the plotlands, the many old and varied shops we used to have and of course old friends and families.

One guest brought along some home-made bread pudding.  While enjoying this delicious spicy treat, we all exchanged memories of our mothers making this when we were children and the beautiful aroma that it produced.  This led on to school dinners and we all enjoyed discussing our likes and dislikes.  A favourite was agreed upon; a tart, of cornflakes in golden syrup with custard.  I can’t think of anybody who didn’t love that gorgeous dessert.

This very enjoyable get together began to wind-up around 4:30 and by 4:55 everything was packed in the backs of cars to be safely stored away until next time.  I’m sure we are all agreed that this year’s Dunton Reunion was another total success and as always, a very big thank you to Audrey Carter for her excellent organisation.

Colin Humphrey
Colin Humphrey
Colin Humphrey
Pam and Nina
Colin Humphrey
Patsy and Nina
Colin Humphrey

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  • Please could you let me know if you are opening ‘The Haven Museum’ on the first weekend this August 19 x

    Editor: The Haven Museum is under the management of the Dunton Visitor Centre. For opening days and times, please call them on 01268 419103. Thank you.

    By Audrey Gittens née Burvill (20/07/2019)
  • Hi, has anyone got any photos of the bungalows located in the second Ave off lower dunton road. My great grandparents lived there and I am looking into their lives Mr & Mrs Smith the bungalow was called Brambleside.


    By Karen Anderson (12/06/2019)
  • I would love to come along to the 2016 reunion! Would someone please log my email address and notify me when it’s due to happen. Many thanks.

    Editor:  Next year’s Dunton Reunion is on Saturday 6th August from 12 noon to 4:30. (Always the 1st Saturday in August).

    By Christine Hutchings nee Oliver (08/08/2015)

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