Buckenham Butchers

From dead meat to deep sleep

The building has escaped redevelopment but its change of use is very significant.

We are looking for a photograph of the building as a butchers but apart form changes to the upper windows and advertising there has been very little change.  This was originally Buckenham Butchers which was taken over in later years by Barnes. There was an abattoir at the back owned by the shop but how far back this association goes is yet to be ascertained. It is known that there was at least one other abattoir in the locality.

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  • My Uncle was the Butcher at Buckenham Butchers in Laindon. His name was Phil Cousins, and he lived in the house behind the shop with my Aunt, Ena, and my three cousins, Dennis, Peter and Margaret.
    As the opening statement correctly says, there was an abattoir (or the ‘slaughter house’ as it was called at the time), at the back of the shop.
    I remember visiting and sometimes staying there during the 1960s.

    By Paul Woloschuk (14/01/2018)
  • I remember cyclying past the butchers on my way to school, mum used to send me there on my bike to get meat. I remember going to school with boy whose mum and dad ran the butchers their name was Cousins.

    By Keith Nock (16/07/2011)

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