A Salvation Army Celebration 1948.

This photo was taken at the Salvation Army Hall in Northumberland Avenue in approximately 1948.

Dimpy remembers the photo being taken after a procession down Laindon High Road which was believed to have been performed on various occasions by the Salvation Army.

George Hopper, Micky and Dimpy’s father, used to play the cornet and flugelhorn in the band and sang with the ‘Songsters’ (choir). At one time he was also the Band Master.

We wonder if there is anybody else who has memories or photos of the Salvation Army from Laindon or the local area depicting their activities during this time. If so, we would be glad to add them to this site, as it was and still is a great organisation that helps people from all walks of life.

Micky Hopper age 9 years and Dimpy (Florence) Hopper age 7 years.

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  • In the 1950’s, traveling back from Fenchurch Street on a Sunday evening, there was always a Salvation Army group just outside the exit from the railway platform at Laindon station. I cannot remember if there was music or if they were simply proselytizing. The group was probably no larger than six or eight but they were there every Sunday — rain or shine.

    By Alan Davies (01/06/2020)
  • My sister-in-law Miriam’s mum was a Captain in the Salvation Army. Her name was Mrs Ronnycalls (not sure if spelt correctly).

    Editor: There was an Ivy Runnacles living in Suffolk Road – may have been her.

    By Kathleen Searle (01/06/2020)
  • I would be interested to know if there are any old records of Salvation Army members from say 1930’s.
    My paternal grandparents who arrived in Laindon around 1928, were very involved with them until they died in late 30’s/early 40’s, before I was born. I believe they played in the band in that time. Although my Dad was brought up in the mission and also played in the band in his youth, he did not continue later in life.
    Because my grandparents died before my time I actually know very little about them, except their involvement with the Salvos. If there is any information, I would be interested.

    By Eric Pasco (06/09/2019)

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