A127 Underpass

Not exactly sure of the year I took this photo, but must be early 60s, perhaps someone can come up with the year. It was taken on my first camera, a Kodak 127 Brownie

A176 Under Pass of A127
David Merchant

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  • Hello John, I knew you and Molly, in fact you might remember that I was a Hairdresser and cut your hair a few times when you lived behind the Jolly Friar.
    I saw Molly some years ago in one of the large DIY stores, knew her Mum too.
    My Mother worked in the Factory Canteen her name was “Wyn”.

    By Andy Willingham (27/04/2020)
  • I was the clothing machine mechanic at The Blouse Factory from 1968 to 1973. It was called Reichenbachs then.
    I married Molly who worked in the cutting room. Mr and Mrs Warren ran the factory when I first started there. They sold the factory to Susan Small and a Mr Amos took over the running of it. Joyce Buck was the production supervisor. I think it stayed open till the mid seventies.

    By John Manning (01/02/2018)
  • Hi Gloria, I remember the pond we used to call it pond hole, we used to ride round pond on our motor bikes. There used to be old plotland houses there and lots of adders. My uncle worked in the blouse factory. 

    My uncle Albert lived quite close in Rose Villa he was married to a Gibson who’s brother Fred lived close to you at one time.

    By Keith Nock (03/08/2012)
  • I have a old Basildon Standard the date of it is january 1961 and there’s an article about a man called Leslie Dodd. He had a small factory and a bungalow that stood along the Arterial Road they where both demolished by the Corporation without his consent. 

    This was so work could start on the under pass this lead to a court case with the Corporation. They said that they were blameless it was said Mr Dodd was away when the place got demolished.

    The article shows a picture of the bungalow partly demolished and the small factory burnt to the ground. Mr Dodd ran a small machine-tool business from his property.

    I have around one hundred Basildon standards from 1959 to 1963 and stories like this one where happening all too often.

    By Barry Ellerby (03/08/2012)
  • The above photograph appears to be in Upper Mayne looking north but is now the site of a large roundabout which is arousing considerable controversy due to the recent addition of a new slip road from the A127 which is said to be dangerous, I have many times heard it said that no roads are dangerous, only drivers who drive without regard to the conditions, in any case if drivers are apprehensive why do they not use the centre route and circumnavigate the roundabout. Also there have been far more accidents causing huge delays on the A127 Chelmsford slip road near Rayleigh yet never once have these been attributed to the road and not the drivers.

    By W.H.Diment (31/03/2012)
  • A few memories have come back to me since being on this page, firstly the name of the elderly couple who owned the Blouse Factory it was Mr and Mrs Warren. 

    The Pond near the Blouse Factory had a conservation order on it as it contained King Crested newts. It was well hidden behind trees and brambles, I wonder if it is still there or did the Basildon Corporation find away around the order to build on the land? 

    There were also lots of damson and wild plum trees on the side of the A127 which we used to pick on the way to the blouse Factory.

    By Gloria Sewell (15/03/2012)
  • The A127 underpass and connection was built in the 1962/1963 season. I used to walk around the site before it opened, around summer 1963 – brilliant times.

    By Richard Haines (04/08/2011)
  • Hi David I remember the underpass well I lived in bungalow on the A127 called Ashdene. My friend Robert Shorter and I watched new road being built they had pile-drivers going to sink the piles, when building the flyover, which shook our bungalow. My uncle worked for a while at blouse factory, he lived in Raysbury Drive, I have some old video footage of it, how its all changed now. There was an old pond near blouse factory a man called Eric Cox use to keep his horse near there.

    By Keith Nock (08/07/2011)
  • Hi David, I worked at the blouse factory which was just under the by-pass on the left (Wraysbury Drive) that was approximately 1966 it was definitely up and running then. I used to deliver outdoor work to local ladies so I used this underpass many times a day in my bright red Ford Anglia van. 

    Do you or anyone remember an accident under there about this time involving a local doctor, I can’t remember too much of the details but I can still see the carnage as I drove up to it. 

    A lovely lady called Beril was my supervisor and the factory was owned by an elderly lady and gentleman and most of the contracts were for Marks and Spencers, the biggest one was making their ladies knickers thousands of pairs and every pair had to be stitch perfectly. 

    Just about this time the horrors of Thalidamide were surfacing and a couple of my ladies had these very special children. One of my ladies I delivered to was the wife of one of the housing managers locally, sorry can’t recall her name they lived in Gt Burstead. 

    I also recall the police car garage was just round the bend on the right.

    By Gloria Sewell (30/06/2011)

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