Christmas Party in St Nicholas Church Hall 1957.

This photograph of happy youngsters was taken in St Nicholas Church Hall at Christmas 1957.  The partygoers named so far are:-  Ken Porter, Alan Caulfield, Jennifer Wood, Janet Pope, John ?, Ann Chapman, Joy Church, Iris Scudder, Brenda Holt, Margaret Birnie, Donald Joy, Valerie Boatwright, Brian Forbes, David Ross and Anne Prager.  Also third in from top left – Anne Buckenham.  Who are the others - can you name any of them – were you there?

 A big ‘thank you’ to Donald Joy for providing the photograph.

Christmas Party St Nicholas Church Hall 1957.
Donald Joy

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  • The vicar in the photo was my granddad Rev. Bill Winfield.

    He later moved to Thorpe Bay and died in 1974, his daughter Joan still lives in south Essex. I am not sure but I do not think she is in the photo.

    By Stephen Winfield (02/09/2021)
  • Spent my (almost) entire scouting time in that hall. Reg Boatwright, he was my Scout Leader in the beginning. My father (George Reynolds) was Group Scout Leader for years there too (At St Nicholas Church hall has many memories for many people).

    By Steve Reynolds (16/11/2020)
  • Also identified: Ken Porter, Alan Caulfield, Sylvie Birnie and of course Valerie Boatwright. When I can get the recall button in my head to work, I might identify some more. A little help wouldn’t go amiss!

    Oh yeah, I’m in there as well, only I was known as Smith at that time!

    By Donald Joy (13/11/2015)
  • More of the names are given above the photograph.  Here are the positions.  Front row – middle, Valerie Boatwright sitting next to Brian Forbes (he has his arms folded) next to Brian is David Ross. Behind them are two girls. Iris Scudder is the girl in the white top. Next to her on her right is my classmate Brenda Holt (dark curly hair). In a row or two behind her on the right I can just see another of our classmates – Margaret Birnie with bows in hair (I can’t see her sister Sylvia). Two to the left of Iris is Joy Church.  Anne Prager is standing to the left of Margaret Birnie, behind Brenda Holt.
    Then three from the left (front row standing) is Donald Joy (Smith). Behind Joy Church just to her left is Ann Chapman who is standing next to a boy I remember – I think called John something – may have been ‘Ridd’ (both in my class). Up a bit on the far left, below the two men are Ken Porter, Alan Caulfield and Jennifer Wood. Janet Pope is the dark haired girl directly behind Iris Scudder. I recognise several other faces but can’t put names to them.  Apparently the girl third from top left is Anne Buckenham. 

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (13/11/2015)
  • Yet again thanks Nina, I stand corrected re. Sylvie Birnie, it is indeed Margaret, a senior moment you understand. 

    To my right (left as you look at it), is Howard Davies, behind my left ear is Mary Jones and her elder brother Peter is directly behind Alan Caulfield. I think the girl seated 2 left of Valerie Boatwright is Gloria Revening?

    Still more whose faces I recognise but can’t put names to. Age seems to play havoc with the memory. Or is it just me?

    By Donald Joy (13/11/2015)
  • I used to sit next to David Ross at Markhams Chase school.

    By Brian Baylis (03/11/2015)
  • For now, four names: Peter Jones, Mary Jones, David Ross and Howard Davies. Plus the vicar, Mr Winfield???

    By Donald Joy (14/10/2015)

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