Daphne Wyatt Nee Austin, I lived at 5 King Edward Terrace.

Daphne Wyatt Nee Austin At King Edward Terrace
Netball at Youth Centre Laindon High Road School Daphne Austin, Evelyn Lewis and Shirley Wood.

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  • Hello, I was in the same class as John Austin in the first year. We had Mr Rosen as our teacher. The year was 1958-1959 when they took the large photograph of the whole school group. I’m sorry to hear John has passed away, he was a lively bright boy and one of the nicest friendly kids you could ever meet. The last time I saw John he was with Jimmy Bird, we were all walking in Laindon High Road in Autumn 1963, they had been to West Ham that afternoon. Happy days never to return.

    By Richard Haines (22/03/2021)
  • Yes John Austin was my Brother sadly he passed away few years ago.

    By Daphne Wyatt (21/03/2021)
  • I recall a boy in the same year as me at the High Road school, John Austin, I wonder if he was related ???

    By Don Joy Smith (21/03/2021)
  • Alan, I Certainly do remember the Bedfords ——-I married Joan back in 1951, unfortunately no longer with me. Bunny died several years ago, but all the other children are still around. I do remember the Austins lived next door John in particular, used to live in Berry Lane.

    By Fred Taylor (10/02/2021)
  • The Bedfords? Of course. Number 4 between the Browns and the Austins. In order: Mr & Mrs Bedford, Joan, Bunny, Kathy, Barbara, Bobby, and Mornington. Not sure how they fitted eight into that council house, but they obviously did. We had a full house at number 2 with only five of us. I have no idea what happened to any of the children. I would be interested to hear.

    By alan davies (24/01/2021)
  • Whilst on the subject of King Edward Terrace, you must all remember the Bedford family who happen to be my mothers Aunty and Cousins.

    By ERIC PASCO (23/01/2021)
  • I remember your family well. We lived at 2, King Edward Terrace. Your older sister, Margie, married a friend of mine, David Hopper, who lived on Roberts Road, I believe. Evelyn Lewis, pictured with you on the netball team, lived at 6, King Edward Terrace. The Lewis’ were rather a large family and Eileen (an older sister of Evelyn) was a classmate of mine for two years at LHR. Several connections it seems.

    By Alan Davies (20/01/2021)

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