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I came across this photo whilst sorting out the belongings of my wife’s late Aunt.

The name on the van is A T Whife. This may help to give the approximate year the photo was taken, as I’m afraid I have no idea.

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  • If you go to the article about Peter Sloper’s vehicles there is a picture of, and reference to a Fordson van which was part of the delivery fleet.  Not sure if it’s the same one repainted in the Sloper livery or not, but definitely the same era and model.

    By Jesse Joy (15/02/2016)
  • I seem to recall Whyfe was a dairy, certainly it is a Laindon van and the man going through the door of Enefers looks like he has a milkman delivery coat on. So, post war Ford van looking very smart indeed, early to mid 50s.

    By Richard Haines (13/02/2016)
  • Alfred Thomas Whife started his milk business in Laindon during the early 30s.  His son Ray continued the business and joined Peter Sloper in 1969 when they formed the company Whife & Sloper Dairies.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (13/02/2016)

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