Ernest Arthur Thurwood 18.02.1929. – 03. 05. 2019.

Ernest was born on 18th February 1929 in the registration district of Billericay. He attended Laindon, St Nicholas, Council Junior Mixed School where Margaret Donaldson was Head Teacher,  followed by three years at Laindon High Road School, leaving in 1943.

On 14th January 1947, Ernest aged 17, joined the Royal Marines. During his travels he kept closely in touch with his parents who lived at ‘Mayville’. Bracken Mount, Laindon, sending a particularly poignant telegram to his mother in 1949 upon hearing of his father’s death (also named Ernest Albert Thurwood).

Ernest was awarded the ‘Kings Badge’ during his services in the Royal Marines.

Sadly Ernest lost his mother, Ivy, in 1957, after which time he left the Royal Marines and joined the Essex Fire Brigade and served both at Laindon and Basildon Fire Stations, eventually resigning in 1967.

In his earlier days apparently he had been a very good footballer and a photo of him in a 1946 team is attached with names of the players.

One of Ernest’s oldest possessions was a hand written school report dated July 1920 from his father’s school days, written and signed by Margaret Donaldson.

Ernest sadly passed away on 3rd May 2019, and I hope those who knew and remember him will enjoy this short epilogue.

Note: Information provided by Paul and Jim Gibson.


Back row left to right. Frank Bedwell (Trainer). Arthur Dunlop (Goalkeeper). Bob Rasmussen. Roy Bedwell. Bert French. Ken Theobald. Bob ? Ernest Thurwood. Harry French (Trainer). Front row left to right. Bill Bedwell. Leslie Shepard. John Roots (Captain). Ted Thurwood. Roy Wise.

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  • Hi my name is Peter James Thurwood. My father was Albert William Thurwood who passed away 1982, he also lived in Laindon. I was just wondering, was that Ernest Thurwood related to my dad in anyway?
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    By Peter Thurwood (23/06/2020)
  • We knew each other at Laindon High Road School, and afterwards, along with my brother Ron, in football around the Laindon area. Indeed I knew many of the names (players) mentioned in the football team you show Alan. I could not claim to be up to their standard but I scraped into the teams when they were desperate. You will find me in the Laindon Spartens Cup winning team for 1946. Picture already in the archive.
    By the way Alan, the name should read Billy Bedwell, does that mean the trainer mentioned should also be Bedwell? Also the name Rassion is Bobby Rasmussen, I think my spelling is slightly wrong!
    Some super memories and thanks again.

    Editor: I have made the relevant corrections to the names below the photo.

    By Fred Taylor (01/08/2019)
  • Many thanks for the tributes to Ernie, I knew him quite well. More details to follow.

    By Fred Taylor (31/07/2019)
  • Can there be a misspelling in the name Beswell? I see a Bill Beswell next to Les Shepard in the photograph of the football team. He looks like the Billy Bedwell I remember. Les Shepard was a well known all round sportsman of that era and often played several sports alongside Peter Lucas, Billy Bedwell, Terry Keeble in particular. Billy Bedwell was the pre-eminent table tennis player in the area. I may be mistaken but I think he was involved in the Dagenham train crash. Subsequently, and again I may be wrong, I think he married Pat Hope who was probably the best women’s table tennis player in the area. That generation was surprising for its good sportsmen with quite a few Laindon youths playing, or at least trying out, with professional or higher standing amateur teams.

    Editor: You may be right about the spelling, however, that is how it’s spelt on the paperwork that accompanies the photograph.

    By Alan Davies (28/07/2019)

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