LHR Lake District School Trip 1963

I’m sure this photo has been posted before, perhaps on another site, but having just rediscovered it, I thought I would send it in, in case anybody hasn’t seen it for a while. I am in the second row from the back, six from the right.

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  • Nice photo Bob. I was wondering if the person seated sixth from the left in the second row from the front could be Miss Callaghan?

    By Bob Connell. (18/11/2015)
  • The lady sitting next to Miss Callaghan is Ann Miniken – wife of Mr Miniken. (The photo can now be enlarged by clicking on it).

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (18/11/2015)
  • Thank you Bob.The lady sitting next to Mr Miniken’s wife is indeed Miss Callaghan, an RE teacher at LHR. In the front row second from the left is Mr Miniken’s younger daughter.

    I am sure everyone on the trip was given a copy of the photo which was autographed on the back by the staff.

    By Bob Linard (18/11/2015)
  • I’m wondering why I wasn’t on this trip and why I didn’t even know about it as I was at LHR until July 1963. However I do remember some names and Barry Boucher had really blond hair so I guess that’s him standing next to Mr Miniken. I recall some of the girls names Eric mentioned such as Sandra Goodchild, Sonia Wood and Jennifer Hammond whom I believe were all at Laindon Park before LHR, as was Ronnie Cannings. My conclusion is they are all in a year below me as was Eric so where is my old mate Stan Mortlock ?

    By Richard Haines (17/11/2015)
  • A few more names, Alvin Howard, Peter Coney, Tony Kruse, Ron Cannings, Barry Busher, Sandra Goodchild, Vera Chamberlin, Sonia Wood, Penny Shead and Jennifer Hammond.

    All of these were in my classes through LHR, the rest being a year younger.

    By Eric Pasco (16/11/2015)
  • OMG, I must get something to clear away the cobwebs from my memory. I can see Derek Woods, Peter Kendrick, Chris Dobson, Mr. Miniken and Mr Burch, Joan White, Barbara Flentge, you Bob, Graham Davidson. Must find a way to enlarge this photo.

    By Tony (Chubby) Hewett (13/11/2015)
  • I can name some others in the photo.  Back row left is Stephen Dean, Jamie Robertson? Second row from back, Susan Miniken Patrica? On my right Barry Pryor on my left Graham Davis.

    By Bob Linard (13/11/2015)
  • Marianne Chappel, Barbara Thompson, Beaulagh Strickland, Valerie Sargeant. Penny Shields, Pat Holt. Peter Griffiths, Graham Davies, Barry, Alvin.

    By Joan Goodfellow nee Merchant (13/11/2015)
  • As this was 1963, what ages would you have all been? I ask this because there is a name mentioned that rings a bell, yet I don’t know how or why it would. Beulagh Strickland, a memorable name, but why?

    By Donald Joy (13/11/2015)
  • If I’m not mistaken that’s Mr Miniken and Mr Burch in the photo? I left in 1962 and Mr Burch was my form tutor for my final year. I met him again in 2000 at a school reunion and he remembered me! I must have been an outstanding pupil?

    By Donald Joy (12/11/2015)

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