Love Laindon

I moved to Laindon in 2010.

I grew up in Brentwood and also lived in Braintree throughout my early teens.

Whilst living in Braintree I experienced the successful regeneration of the town with the building of Braintree Freeport, renovation of the parks and re-energising of local schools in the area.

I’ve been part of Love Laindon for the past year and our focus has so far been around the shopping centre and war memorial. We’re in the process of applying for funding to hopefully be able to clear the shrubbery away and create a flower bed with the intention of being able to have a memorial service there to mark the centenary.

I’m hoping to come on one of your walks/memory days and hope we can maintain the links and respect for the past whilst also progressing and creating a prosperous future for the young generations who are living and growing up in the Laindon Park area.



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  • Thanks Barry. Yes we @ Love Laindon have been hard at it and the Council are inputting too. The Pride grounds team came and lent a hand to clear the shrubbery and this weekend we will be fundraising to try and get some money together for flowers and shrubs to go in the area we’ve cleared.

    If you’re free come along. We’ll be around on Friday from about 11 onwards, pulling up root systems and cultivating the land ready for a flower bed.

    By Liane Swainland (01/07/2014)
  • Hi Liane.  I’ve  been driving past the shopping center lately and in the last week or so I have noticed a good deal of change ie., the area around the war memorial and the fountain is nice and clear.  I also noticed someone relaying the paving stones, it looks so much better, keep up the good work            

    By Barry Ellerby (30/06/2014)
  • I appreciate the Council’s plans and they are happy with our plans to clear the shrubbery and make the area tidy.

    A flower bed is not going to stop the Council doing what they want with either the shopping centre or the memorial site itself but it will hopefully make the area a bit more attractive and open to view particularly as this year is such a momentous one.

    By Liane Swainland (23/06/2014)
  • There is already a plan to relocate the war memorial and the 1935 Centenary Fountain to the opposite side of the High Road (see link below) so that it does not interfere with the planned redevelopment of the Laindon Centre that we are told by the Council is imminent!

    I say this in hope rather than expectation as the promises to push the developer to do something about Laindon Centre have now been on going for at least eleven years and there have been numerous plans and developers and so far the only work by developers has been destructive.

    Laindon Memorial

    By Ian Mott (20/06/2014)

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