Robert Scott in Wheelchair Race

Wheelchair race for charity from Prince of Wales to the Crown Hotel Langdon Hills

This is a picture of my dad Robert Scott and Bob Pierman, on a charity race from the Prince to the Crown. They stopped at every pub on the way for a beer. Sorry I do not know any of the other names.

Editor: The following photographs have recently been provided of the 1966 Pub race. Can you add the names?

The Preparation
This years Line up
Loaded and nearly ready
Fully loaded and ready to go

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  • I think the one dressed as a toby jug in the wheelchair is Bob Richardson, who was landlord of the Laindon Hotel, which was in Laindon High Road. 

    By Melvyn Llewellyn (26/08/2014)
  • The gentleman with the Top Hat and beard wearing red socks on the right of the second last photograph is Mike Liddle, the licensee of the Fortune of War. Immediately behind him with sleeves rolled up is Jim Donovan, at the back in white T shirt is Richard Mott. Mike Liddle sustained a broken leg in one race, when he became detached from his team and crashed into a parked bus. 

    The team from the Laindon Hotel in red football shirts consist of three members of one family. Immediately behind the wheelchair, from l to r a father and twin sons, their surname was Payne. Mr Payne snr was a teacher at Laindon High Road School in 1964/5. The fourth member of the team at the rear with sandy hair is Phil Thomas who features in other pages on this site.

    By Bob Connell (16/04/2012)
  • Hi, the man to the side of Lionel Hyatt is Ricky Minns he worked at Tonibell ice cream in 80s

    By Keith Nock (22/10/2011)
  • Back row second left to fifth left is Peter Brenan (FA Referee), Anthony Collings (my Dad), Jonny Barley and Bill Howe. They were pulling Bert Baker (the Mexican). The guys in the red shirts were from Laindon United FC. At the Laindon Hotel stop you had to down a pint and then each team had to smash a piano and put all the parts through a car tyre.

    By Andy Collings (10/10/2011)
  • Lionel Hyatt’s son Peter is still about – he visited the Plotlands Reunions last year and hasn’t changed much at all. Also, glad to see the Collings’ family appearing on this site; all their connected families were a big part of old Laindon.

    Editor: I travelled to the old Southend Municipal College with Peter when he was studying catering. Another local I travelled with, who also studied catering at Southend, was Geoff Jeakins.

    By Andrea (née Pinnell) (10/10/2011)
  • I believe the large gentleman disguised as a lady in a white shirt with hearts on it was Lionel Hyatt the licensee of the P.o.W. He was formerly the foreman of Chas. Markham’s dairies. As a licensee he enlivened the Prince with musical evenings and unless one arrived early on a Saturday there was little chance of a seat. Lionel was himself an accomplished musician although he never performed at the Prince. One Christmas Eve, before he became a licensee, Lionel and his wife Frances (nee Sartain) invited myself and wife to his home in Pound Lane where he gave a wonderful recital of classical music on the violin and also some really excellent home made wine. They retired to Spain, but I heard later that Frances was never truly enamored and would have liked to return to England.

    By W.H.Diment (09/10/2011)
  • No the man in the cardigan is my dad Robert Scott (bob) dont know the other men who were running.

    By Kevin Scott (09/10/2011)
  • That first picture – would the runner in front, on right, in a cardigan, be Arthur Stopher?

    By Andrea (07/10/2011)
  • Hi Kevin I remember my dad pulling Lionel Hyatt from Prince of Wales to Crown pub, he was quite a large man dad didn’t do it after that

    By Keith Nock (25/07/2011)

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