Salvation Army Group Approx. 1950.

Joan Sarfas is the little girl in front of the lady in uniform.
Joan would be interested if anybody can put names to the other faces in the group.

(The girl at the back wearing her dark hair in plaits and parted in the middle is Grace Clark).

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Salvation Army Group. Approx 1950.
Joan Sarfas

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  • Hi Joan Baterip and Martin Sarfas, similar train of thought to Joan my maternal grandmother is a Sarfas, also from East London. I wonder if we are related? My great-grandfather on that side tried to do a family tree in the late 80s and a family friend recently digitised that and managed to trace the surname back to likely 18th Century. If you think you might have any other genealogical leads maybe we could get in touch?

    By G Sarfas (24/07/2022)
  • Hi Martin, I am very curious about your mum having the same name as me, as Sarfas isn’t a common name. It’s my maiden name and my dad was William Sarfas, I wonder if we could be related ?

    By Joan Baterip (22/04/2020)
  • My mum’s name is Joan Sarfas.

    By Martin Sarfas (22/04/2020)
  • I remember Joan Sarfas as she was back then and still have a scar to remind me, bless her. My now late parents helped the Salvation Army at Laindon for some time. We too sailed on the Royal Daffodil and to Calais. There is a photo of my parents on the ship and I am in the background looking miserable, in a book I have on Laindon.

    By Brian Baylis (13/02/2017)
  • This photograph was taken on a trip with the Laindon Salvation Army on the Royal Daffodil. I remember getting lost and was howling my eyes out when I was found. As Nina said, I am standing next to the Salvation Army lady, and I have the white dress and open coat. One of the people I know in this picture is Jean Nelson who lived in Tyler Avenue and was a good friend of my sister Val, she is standing on the left hand side behind the girl with the strap across her shoulder.  We lived in Sandringham Road at the time this photo was taken. I would love to know if anyone can name the other people. My name at the time was Joan Sarfas.

    By Joan Baterip (05/02/2017)

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