St Nicholas Sunday School

1947 & 1948

I am sure that many of us born back pre and post war went to Sunday School.

These are attendance cards for my husband Terry English, they were given out quarterly.

You also received little picture stamps to enter in an album.

Terry would have been 8 and 9 at this time.

My mother-in-law kept these over the years, another memory of bygone years.

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  • I was born in the bungalow at the bottom of the hill on the A127 ( Arterial Road then.) The bungalow was called Virginia and there was a post office next door, both long gone now. My mother taught at the Sunday School and one of the Ministers was my Godfather. I think his name was Reverend Best. My mother owned the two houses on the other side of the hill called Creslee and Neasdon {may be wrong spelling}. We moved into one of them when the war started. I was born in 1937 and we moved from Laindon when I was five but still remember going to Sunday School at St Nicholas Church, we were a large family and my older brothers and sisters would also have attended Sunday School.

    By Pamela Swan (Dodd).. (15/11/2019)
  • Ellen, these are fascinating items, as you say a lot of us went to Sunday School back in the day, the only card I have remaining is my Christening Card, signed by my Godparents, a wonderful thing to treasure. It is a shame that church and Sunday School attendance is falling all over the UK. Lovely that Terry’s mother kept these for you after all those years.

    By Richard Haines (04/07/2017)
  • Hi Richard,

    I do also have Terry’s baptism card but I didn’t include it as I feel many people might still have theirs.

    The weekly picture sticker stamps and quarterly attendance cards I felt were a little bit more interesting and a memory jerker.

    By Ellen English Nee Burr (04/07/2017)
  • Hi Ellen.  I still have my baptism card.  I was christened at St Nicholas Church on 1st September 1946.  My godmother was my Auntie Nellie who was really my mum’s cousin. We knew her as Auntie Nellie, but her real name was Ellen.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (04/07/2017)
  • Ellen English’s husband’s attendance cards brought back happy memories.  In my teens I helped with the “baby” classes at St. Nicholas Sunday School.  One little girl used to climb onto my lap and quite regularly went off to sleep.  I hope it wasn’t because I bored her!  (Ellen, did your husband have an Aunt Ella and an Uncle Charles English?)   

    By Georgina Nottage Nee Ellingford (04/07/2017)
  • Hi Georgina,

    No my husband didn’t have aunts and uncles local, his relatives were from Cumbria and Portsmouth, I thought these items might stir memories for some of us.  This is what this site is all about, sharing past memories.

    By Ellen English Nee Burr (04/07/2017)

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