Unexploded Bomb Railway Approach 21.03.17

I first heard of this via the Basildon Memories Group on Facebook.  Looking on the map, it became apparent that this was the back garden of the former home of some old friends of ours.  My younger brother used to spend a lot of time there during the sixties and seventies with their son, a school friend of his.

The owners have both since passed away, their son sold the bungalow a few years ago and the plot was in the process of being redeveloped.  This morning a digger unearthed the unexploded devise, the area was cordoned off so that investigations could take place.  When we arrived, the Police and Bomb Disposal people were still there.  The devise had been placed in the back of their vehicle and we were allowed to take a photo.  It had proved to be a British WW2 mortar shell, which begs the question, how it got there!!  They told us it would be taken to a farm somewhere to the north where it would be exploded.

I felt quite chilled to think how long the unexploded devise had laid buried at that address – 90 Manor View, Railway Approach.  I am about to contact the son and my brother in case they haven’t heard about it.  I expect it will be quite a shock to them both.  

British WW2 mortar shell.
Colin Humphrey
Railway Approach 21 March 2017
Colin Humphrey
Site of the former 90 Manor View, Railway Approach.
Colin Humphrey
Bomb Disposal Squad. Railway Approach 21 March 2017
Colin Humphrey
90 Manor View, Railway Approach appox 2011 (since demolished)
Nina Humphrey
Google earth view showing where the mortar shell was found
Colin Humphrey

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  • Nina, where along Railway Approach is Manor View?

    By Colin Ferrier (23/03/2017)
  • Colin.  I have added above, an aerial view photo of the area showing where the mortar was found. (Click on the photo to enlarge the image).  The name and number of the former bungalow was 90 Manor View.  Westmayne was built alongside the bungalow and the plot lost part of its garden to the new road.  The plot is now under redevelopment.   

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (23/03/2017)
  • Nina, how amazing. Just think that being on a construction site that little device was just waiting to be disturbed by a digger or pneumatic hammer. How lucky that nobody was injured. Thanks for being our news reporter as well as our editor, well done.

    By Richard Haines (21/03/2017)

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