Berry Park Estate.

Sunny days found me and friend Dorothy Hymas (White) walking to Berry Park Estate. My sister Joyce was married to Ronald Burt whose parents owned a bungalow on the estate.  They eventually retired from Lewisham, London where Mr Burt ran a dairy.  He kept a small horse and cart and we enjoyed the ride back home to Laindon as our poor legs were worn out.  My niece Marilyn Burt was the daughter of Ron and Joyce.  Marilyn married Keith Dowling whose father used to sell plants from his smallholding in Basildon Market.  Marilyn and Keith have been mentioned in other articles.

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  • A very late comment on this short article. The bungalow that Mr. Burt live in was called ‘Joyce’ and was in Arcadian Gardens. My Father built the bungalow before the war, and it was named after a sister of mine who died aged 12 in 1932. The bungalow was sold because my mother refused to live there permanently during the war years because it was so remote, so my father had to build another bungalow called (Joyal), in Ferndale Road. I do remember Mr Burt and his pony and governess cart, and I well remember my weekly chore for a while of tramping from my home in Ferndale road, with a wheelbarrow, all the way to Arcadian Gardens, to collect a barrow load of manure, to fertilise the plasticine like ‘Essex clay’ that was the base for my father’s very extensive vegetable garden. I also well remember Cyril Dowling and his eventual small nursery in New Avenue (the road that lead down to the ‘Rec’) I have a vague recollection that he was a fireman before he started his plant nursery.

    By Bruce Bellamy (07/12/2017)

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