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Kath who lives in Cornwall has been in touch and was wondering if anybody has any memories of her Great Grandfather John Efford (formally Jacob Schutz) who lived at ‘Lilybank’, Berry Lane, Langdon Hills.

The following is her email:-

John was born in Werkel, Germany in 1857 and the first record I have of him in the UK is from the 1881 Census, aged 24 – profession: Master Baker (which he was throughout his life). He married my Great Grandmother (Charlotte Efford) in 1881 and they had seven children.

In 1907 he applied to become a British Citizen which was granted and he duly changed his name to John Efford (‘Efford’ being my Great Grandmothers surname).

Charlotte died in 1918 and is buried at the City of London Cemetery, in a private grave along with their daughter-in-law Ida Marion Ecott who died in 1937 – at which time she was living in Leyton.

In 1921 John Efford married his second wife Emily at the Parish Church in Leyton. He died in 1949, aged 92. His death certificate gives the place of death as “The Retreat”, Great Burstead (Which I understand to have been the former Billericay Union Workhouse) but his place of residence given as “Lilybank” Berry lane, Langdon Hills. Emily died a year later in 1950 and it would appear she was then living in Thorpe Bay, Essex. Both John and Emily are buried in the City of London, in a private, unmarked, grave.

I can only assume that sometime after his marriage to Emily in 1921 they bought the house “Lilybank” and were there until his death in 1949.

In the photograph of the house (we believe is ‘Lilybank’) my Mother, Joan Efford (little girl in the white dress) who was born in 1920 and is approximately 3 or 4 years old in this photo is standing in front of my Grandmother. My mother’s sister (a year younger) is being held by my Grandfather so they must have been there by 1923/24. great Grandfather, John is standing next to the porch on the left.

Ida’s son, Ian Ecott Efford born in 1936 now living on Vancouver Island who recently visited me and told me of a “dedication” to John Efford in the Church in Langdon Hills but didn’t elaborate further. He can recall spending most of his holidays at Lilybank with John, his Grandfather and Emily as his mother had died when he was barely one year old.

It would be lovely – and I would be grateful – if someone could locate this – or anything else that may be known about John and Emily Efford.

Kath Rowley (Mrs)

Note: – The electoral register for Langdon Hills for 1929 has John, Emily and William living at Lilybank – William was the husband of Ida. The Retreat was part of the Billericay workhouse and was built in 1840. It is now residential flats.

Ken Porter.

Editor’s note:  A 1949 survey map has been added to show the location of ‘Lilybank’ in Berry Lane on the corner of New Avenue (shown as plot 122 on the map).  The house was described in the survey as being constructed of stucco and tiles. (Click on the map to enlarge).

Lilybank, Berry Lane
John and Emily Efford
BDC 1949 property survey
BDC Ordnance Survey

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  • The 1949 Electoral Register shows Emily Efford in residence at ‘Lilybank’ together with Elizabeth, Kathleen and Matthew Read.

    The 1911 Census shows Jacob Schutz (age 54 – a baker’s sundriesman) and his wife Charlotte Schutz (age 52) living at 509 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, Essex with their children Frederick (age 29 – a coach joiner), Arthur (age 23 – a pastry cook), Donald (age 20 – a seaman), Margaret (age 15) and William (age 10).  Also Mary Ann Smith, (age 42 – a general servant).

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (30/05/2014)

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