Nightingale Avenue

The following are two maps of the area on Langdon Hills covering Nightingale Avenue.
If you click on either photographs you will be able to see a larger copy.

From 1937 Revision of Ordinance Survey

From a 1976 BDC plan (note property names)

The following is a list provided by Ellen English née Burr, who lived in “White Cottage” of the families that lived in the Avenue:

Eastern side coming down

The Burrs, the Russells, the Stows, the Webbs, the Cousins (George, Violet and daughter Lesley), the Moones, the Groves, the Markins, the Dovonans (Don, Esther and daughter Nina), and then the Nicholls family (the mother was a teacher and there were four children Mary, Elizabeth, Jenny and I believe the boy was David) and then Mr Read the head postmaster at Laindon Post Office.

Western side coming down

The Palmers, Coopers, the Hopkins, the Borets, and then on the left you came out at Park Avenue where Victor Hurley lived

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  • Hi, just wanted to add, the Nicholls son was John. The order coming down on left was Moores, Coopers,  Borets, Hopkins, then on the corner of Nightingale and Park Ave were the Flenkys [not sure of spelling] Mr Flenky was a German [prisoner of war I think] they had two girls one was called Barbara. Could add names to most families and some houses if anybody interested?

    Regards to Ellen Burr, your family are part of my childhood memories. I lived at Milton House, Nightingale Ave.

    By Chris Markin (03/03/2013)
  • Hi Chris, We are definitely part of each others childhood memories.There were quite a few children of similar ages in Nightingale Ave. Do you remember playing marbles? We all made our own games then didn’t we. I remember your mum and dad well, and your three brothers, David, Frankie and Teddy. I also remember you worked in the butchers at Laindon centre, they were the days when chest freezers came in and we used to buy half a lamb or other meat in bulk to freeze, had children to feed in those days. Kind regards to you and your family Ellen

    By Ellen English nee Burr (03/03/2013)
  • Actually, Ellen was always correct, I don’t know what all the fuss is about, in her original description she said ‘Nightingale Ave comprised of my family first bungalow going down on the right, the Burrs, then the Russells, then Stows, then Webbs, then Cousins, then Moores, then Grovers, then Markins, then Donovons and then the Nicholls family’. The right side is the east side of Nightingale Avenue so Ellen well done, us Laindon High Road kids don’t forget anything do we?

    By Richard Haines (03/02/2013)
  • So you’re easily led Ellen – you sound like my kind of woman!

    By Martin Robinson (01/02/2013)
  • Hi Martin, yes like a lot of women I lack a sense of direction. When I first submitted the names of families down Nightingale Ave it was on the article re The Crown Christmas Party and I put the families as living on the right hand side going down from Lee Chapel Lane end. 

    It was when the maps were put on and editor entered west and east side, not right or left, I followed his lead, as you can see I am easily led.

    Editor: Help! We need more people checking the checkers.

    By Ellen English Nee Burr (29/01/2013)
  • I think you need to reset your compass Ellen. The photo of Nightingale Avenue you yourself submitted to this sight shows the families you mention, on the eastern side of the road. The photograph is of dwellings on the eastern side of Nightingale Avenue.

    Editor: I should have spotted that you look North towards Laindon Station from Langdon Hills so that Ellen’s home was on the eastern side of Nightingale Avenue. I have therefore reversed the sub headings. I hope this now corrects the situation.

    By Martin Robinson (28/01/2013)
  • Regarding Nightingale Avenue I suggest that we look at Old for the correct 1/2500 scale plan instead of struggling with these old 1/10560s which only show some of the houses. This way Ellen can see all the houses she is allocating families to.

    By Richard Haines (27/01/2013)
  • Actually, at least some of those families you have listed as living on the western side of Nightingale Avenue, lived on the eastern side. The Reads and the Cousins for instance. The Mores lived on the western side. I went to school with Peter. His father was a baker at J G Cottis.

    Editor: Thanks for the information I will make the necessary changes

    By Martin Robinson (25/01/2013)
  • I want to correct a couple of spelling mistakes of surnames, the Moones lived next to the Cousins, that was George, Violet and daughter Lesley Cousins, they definitely lived on the western side. 

    The Reads lived also on the western side last house detached before Park Ave opposite the Hopkins and Borets. 

    The Moores family moved in with their grandparents the Palmers who lived immediately opposite us they were the only bungalow until you got quite a way down to the Coopers. I didn’t realise I had omitted them. Mrs Moore was the Palmers daughter and she and her husband and two sons moved from Greenwich to live with her parents as Mrs Palmer was very arthritic.

    Mrs Moore was a Guide leader and I used to go with her to St Peters Hall for our meetings.

    The other spelling error was the Donovans not Dovonons,they were Mr Don Donovan his wife Esther and daughter Nina who I was the same age as, they took me on holiday with them when I was about ten as company for Nina.

    Editor: Sorry for confusion I hope I have now corrected it.

    By Ellen English Nee Burr (25/01/2013)

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