The Rest, Victoria Avenue.

While exploring my box marked “Dads Treasure”, I discovered some birthday cards, my first birthday. One of these was in its original envelope and addressed to myself. I was surprised to find that it was addressed to The Rest, Victoria Avenue, Langdon Hills, Laindon. Now I had always believed that, since coming home from St Johns Hospital, Chelmsford, where I was born, I had always lived in Pound Lane, Laindon. I was born 1947, the postmark is 1948 and I’ve looked at a map dated 1950, so I have seen where Victoria Avenue was. Now I’m intrigued, as I knew nothing about this until yesterday. Whose house was this ? How long did I live there ? What type of house was it ? Is anything still there, the house, the road ? All too much mystery for me to handle alone, so I’m hoping someone can come up with some information regarding this. Also be nice if any photos were available. Fingers crossed ! Thanks. 

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  • Reading through this again I realise that the name Mansfield does ring a little bell. I was at school with a girl named Marilyn Mansfield who, coincidentally, was in the same class as me, being the same age as me. I wonder if this could be the daughter of the family mentioned?  

    By Donald Joy (17/12/2015)
  • Nina, thanks for that, I knew I could count on you, what a worker you are. The name Mansfield means nothing to me, it’s not a name I’ve ever heard mentioned by any family member. Maybe more info will turn up from somewhere? 

    By Donald Joy (12/09/2015)
  • Donald.  It’s possible that your parents were living in ‘The Rest’ at the time of your birth.  Maybe they had moved to Pound Lane by 1949.  Your birth certificate will show your parent’s address at the time of your birth.  Next time I visit the Essex Record Centre, I will look on the 1947 and 1948 Electoral Registers for you – but that won’t be for at least a couple of months.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (12/09/2015)
  • At the time of the 1949 Electoral Register, Elsie and Thomas Mansfield were living in “The Rest”, Victoria Avenue, Langdon Hills.   Very little of this road now exists.  The road ‘Staneway’ was built cutting through Victoria Avenue.  Only a short part of Victoria Avenue, south of Staneway still remains.  The part of Victoria Avenue where ‘The Rest’ had once stood, north of Staneway no longer exists.  That area is now part of Marks Hill Nature Reserve.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (11/09/2015)

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