Coronation Celebrations on Primrose Hill 1952

36 Mr Barrett

J Grant put the programme for the Coronation Celebration party the following are my memories and and a couple of photographs

Somebody cut the grass on Torney Avenue, a section of grass linking Heywick Drive and Benton Drive. People gathered and children had all the usual races running, sack, egg and spoon, etc. In the evening everybody gathered in St Michaels mission in Markhams Chase (sorry Green Lanes), just north of the railway. There was food and drink available, dancing and singing. During the evening the children were presented with a souvenir programme and a 5 shilling piece in a plastic case-(This was called a crown in old money).

After a great and much merriment we all had to return to Primrose Hill. Some were more merrier than others and we had to cross the level crossing and tracks and follow the footpath up to the hill. The path was only about 18 inches wide and had a gas lamppost ever now and again. These were usually broken or not working, so it was pitch black. I think we lost some people on the way a great memorial day.

 1 __________? 2 ___________? 3 __________? 4 __________?
 5 Pam ? (nee Hopper) 6 Janet ? 7Michael Church 8 __________?
 9 __________?10 ___________?11 __________?12 __________?
13 Mrs Hall14 Mr Koss15 __________?16 __________?
17 Maud Rosser18 ___________?19 __________?20 Mrs Kerridge
20a __________?21 Jesse Church22 ___________?23 __________?
24 __________?25 __________?26 John Koss27 __________?
28 Peter Robertson29 Alfred Hall30 ___________?31 Mr Grant
32 John Grant or brother.33 __________?34 Gladys? (nee Barrett)35 Mrs Barrett Jnr.
36 Mr Barrett37 __________?38 Mrs Robertson39 Mrs Green
40 __________?41 __________?42 Mrs Lockett43 Patsy Lockett
44 Brian Cordell45 __________?

J Grant added the following to his copy of the photograph

I or my brother can be seen, being carried by my late father, in the top R/H corner of the photograph.

 1 __________? 2 ___________? 3 __________? 4 __________?
 5 __________? 6 ___________? 7 __________? 8 __________?
 9 __________?10 ___________?11 Lillian Koss12 __________?
13 Joyce  Palmer14 ___________?15 __________?16 __________?
17 NoraPalmer18 Mrs Cordery19 __________?20 Mr Robertson
21 __________?22 Mrs Lester23 Mrs Rose Cordell24 Mrs Robertson
25 Peter Robertson26 Brian Cordell27 __________?

I hope I have added the correct names but I am sure you will correct me!

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  • I was so pleased to find photographs of my brother,Dad,Mum,Aunt and Uncle.
    My mum and Dad were Jack and Lillian Koss.
    John and Doreen my brother and sister.
    Also my Aunt Joyce Palmer and my Nan Norah Palmer.
    I was only three at this time so didn’t really remember the day much apart from being dressed up for fancy dress.

    By Hazel Wilson (11/02/2023)
  • In the second photo of evening dancing
    No.11 Lillian Koss dancing with my aunt Joyce Palmer

    No.17 Nora Palmer

    My Mum, my Nan and my Aunt

    By Hazel Wilson (11/02/2023)
  • I was doing my national service while all the above was going on, but during that same period Joan and I held our wedding reception at St. Michael’s Hall, having got married at St. Nicholas Church. This would be in 1952.
    What I would really like to know is, does anybody have memories of the Primrose Hill Estate and any of the residents, say in Benton Drive or Warwick Drive? My grandparents, my uncle and aunt lived there, their name was Wells. Happy days.

    By Fred Taylor (02/08/2019)
  • The second photo on site, names given by June Hall are as follows. 24 – Mrs Robertson. 23 – Mrs Rose Cordell. 22 – Mrs Lester. 25 – Peter Robertson (spelt Peter). 26 – Brian Cordell. 20 – Mr Robertson. 18 – Mrs Cordery. 13 – Joyce Palmer. 

    By Ann Rugg (10/04/2014)
  • Have seen the St.Michael’s Hall photos on site but notice the names that June Hall provided us with and which were with the copies I provided have not been added. They are as follows 38 – Mrs Robertson. 39 – Mrs Green. 42 Mrs Lockett. 43 - Patsy Lockett. 44 – Brian Cordell. 29 - Alfred Hall. 28 – Peter Robertson. 14 – Mr Koss. 26 – John Koss. 7 – Michael Church. 6 – Janet ? 5 – Pam ? (nee Hopper). 21 – Jesse Church. 20 – Mrs Kerridge. 17 – Maud Rosser. 36 – Mr Barrett . 35 - Mrs Barrett junior. 34 – Gladys ? (nee Barrett). 31 – Mr H.Grant. 32 -  John Grant or brother.   13 Mrs Hall

    By Ann Rugg (10/04/2014)

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