Coronation Party 1953

Primrose Estate, Laindon

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John Grant
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John Grant
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John Grant
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John Grant

I was only 3 years of age, my 1st big party too. Anybody remember the Primrose Estate? 

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  • John, Derek Brasier put me onto this website. Bringing back lots of memories as we moved to Yorksire in 1958 and came back as often as we could to visit his Mum Eileen and the family. 

    By Diane Lewis (27/02/2015)
  • My Father was mentioned as Secretary of the Sports Committee on the Primrose Hill Coronation Celebration of 1953. Robert Lewis, known as Bob always. We lived in one of the wooden bungalows and I was born in 1954, then we moved into one of the new houses on Tattenham Road when I was about three years old.

    By Diane Hinton (26/02/2015)
  • Diane, my father was on the sports committee, Harry Grant but, was always known as Eric, we lived in one of those wooden bungalows on the Primrose Hill estate too.  We moved to a little road called Victoria Crescent, just off the Fortune of War roundabout in the same year as you. There are many people who lived on that estate, Derek Brasier has already mentioned a few, including himself, what a great place it was to start one’s life.

    By John Grant (26/02/2015)
  • From birth until age 11 I lived with my family on Primrose Hill in a wooden bungalow called Quantock, named after a Destroyer my dad served on during WW2. The bungalow was in Merrin Avenue which ran between Haywick Drive and Benton Drive.

    We had no electricity or running water, this came from a well, most of the plots had them. All lighting and cooking was by gas. Tough life by today’s standards but it was a fun place to live if you were a kid, endless fields and woods to roam around in.  My friends Brian Cordell, Peter Robertson, David (boy) Lester and his young brother Brian (babs) don’t know where the nicknames came from, had miles of space to play around in. 

    During the summer holidays we camped out in Brian Cordell’s garden.   Life for us was never boring, no televisions, no computers or mobile phones just endless fun getting up to mischief and being a nuisance. Brian will remember the night we were camping and I knocked the bicycle lamp down and his face broke its fall breaking one of his front teeth. Camping health and safety wasn’t invented yet!!! What a place to live.

    Does any one know the whereabouts of David or Brian Lester?  I believe David may have gone to Australia.  Please get in touch if you have any relevant info on them or any one else who lived on Primrose Hill.

    By Derek Brasier (05/02/2015)
  • Hi Ann. Thank you for the reply and the info it contained.  I remember the name Bullimore, your maiden name, from years past, just too many cobwebs clouding the view.  I shall get it eventually.  I too went to Markhams Chase 1957 – 63, as did my brother Tom 1954 – 60, with Janet Duke being the Head Mistress. 

    Ian. Well done on getting things organised with the photographs and the people numbered on them. 

    By John Grant (11/04/2014)
  • I am pleased to say that I have finally found the time to get the photographs provided by Peter Robertson and Brian Cordell together with some information provided. click here to see

    By Ian Mott (08/04/2014)
  •  Hello there John. Before Christmas I saw your leaflet about the party being held to celebrate the Coronation in 1953. At one of the Archive memory days last summer, I met two Laindon chaps Brian Cordell and  Peter Robertson and they had two photos of this party scanned ready to appear on the site. I recognised Mr and Mrs Hall in one of their photos and as I am still in touch with their daughter June I offered to contact June and pass on their details so she could contact them if she wished. When I spoke with June she offered to name many of the people in the photos and she returned the photo copies I had sent her with the named people numbered ready to be added to the site. I have requested that the said photos could be added to your programme article as you did ask if any one had any further details or memories of the Primrose estate folk or that party. Lets hope some day soon that you will get to see the photos and the names and old memories will be re-kindled. By the way my only memories of St.Michael’s Church hall were through attending Girl Guides there. I was not on the Primrose Estate but lived in Edgware Drive (off Markhams Chase) near the School which I attended between  1947 – 1953.

    By Ann Rugg (nee Bullimore) (06/01/2014)
  • Another wonderful keepsake.  Well done for storing it so carefully over the years.  I’m sure it will jog the memory of many.   

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (17/12/2013)

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