Langdon Hills Old St Mary's - Old Church Hill

Wheaton Family

I Have always had an interest in the Old Church and would like one day to make a visit to it. I am aware it is a private house these days. I would like try and find a copy of the 1930’s book of the history of it as I am a descendant of the Wheaton family of Langdon Hills. Is there anyone that i could talk to about the Church? 

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  • I and my husband had occasion to visit the grave of a recently interred friend at Old St Mary’s cemetery. On leaving the cemetery we noticed the door to the church was open. As we like looking round old churches we decided to go in. We were quite interested in what we saw when suddenly a man’s voice asked us if we wanted any help. Much to our embarrassment he informed us he was the owner of the building and we were standing in his front room!! 😂 We were entirely ignorant of the fact the church had become a private dwelling. We have “dined out” on this true story many times now.

    By Georgina Nottage ne Ellingford (01/06/2022)
  • The church was sold in the ‘60’s l believe? but the churchyard itself is open to the public as the graves need to be accessible to relatives.
    My parents and grand parents are buried there.
    Madeleine Davies

    By Madeleine Davies (28/05/2022)
  • Hello Francis, 

    Was Wheaton Avenue named after your family? The Avenue is still there, it is near the top of the steep hill, on the right hand side, leading up from Langdon Hills recreation ground.

    Regarding information on “Old Church” maybe Ken Porter, who can be contacted via these pages, could be of assistance.

    By Robert Springate (21/11/2014)

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