St Nicholas Church Fetes

Does anyone remember the pre-war St.Nicholas Church summer fetes? These were held on the hillside with sideshows such as coconut shies, quoits, hoop-la, crockery shies, darts, tennis balls into the bucket and bran tubs etc. There were stalls selling popcorn, fudge, coconut ice and home made toffee and there were childrens fancy dress and tiny tots parades.

In the church hall, refreshments were available with ice cream, the almost obligatory salmon and cucumber sandwiches, home made fairy cakes and strawberries and cream.

These fetes were always well attended by children and their parents and later by others when the fete ended, there was dancing in the hall to the music of Cyrill Lamming and his band.

Locals looked forward to these fetes, although they would probably be too oldie worldly for todays generation, but bring a touch of nostalgia to those of us in our dotage.

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  • Your a bit hopefull Bill, pre-war, even young children then will be well into their 80s by now. J.B.

    By Mr.J.W.Birch (27/11/2018)

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