Victory Avenue

Has anyone any idea where Victory Avenue was, before the plotlands were compulsory purchased, by Basildon Council.  

I am a grandaughter of a plotlander and I came down here as a child, when the bombing in London was very bad, I went to school  here as well, I would love to track down where that was.

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  • Editor: I have converted this comment into an article as Eileen is not yet registered on site I have included this comment so she is aware that her request has been published.

    By Eileen Westrap (22/01/2014)
  • There is a map on this website showing exactly where Victory Avenue had once been.  Go to the article named “The Pratt Family of Dunton Drive”.   You will see that Victory Avenue ran parallel with Dunton Drive.   These days the southern end of Victory Avenue lies beneath Durham Road and the northern end lies beneath Southfields Industrial Estate.

    Editor: Link to The Pratt Family of Dunton Drive

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (22/01/2014)

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