English Heritage Listed Buildings

English Heritage Listed Buildings

The following is a list of English Heritage graded buildings in Laindon and the surrounding district:


St Nicholas Church, Church Hill, –                             Grade I

Doves Farm, Pound Lane,  –                                     Grade II

Laindon Ponds, Wash Road,  –                                  Grade II

Daniels Farm, Wash Road, –                                     Grade II


Rose Cottage/Ivy Cottage, Dunton Road, –                Grade II

Wayletts Farm, Brentwood Road,-                             Grade II

St Mary Church, Church Road,  -                               Grade II

Dunton Hall, Church Road, -                                      Grade II

Langdon Hills

Westley Hall, Homestead Drive -                                Grade II

St Mary the Virgin and All Saints-Old Church Hill-         Grade II

Rose Cottage, Dry Street -                                         Grade II

Thatched Cottage, Dry Street -                                   Grade II

The Lighthouse, Lee Chapel Lane -                              Grade II

Dry Street Farm, Dry Street -                                     Grade II

St Mary and All Saints, High Road -                             Grade II

Buildings and Monuments of Significant Interest to the Community.

Ever since the Basildon Corporation appeared on the scene some sixty five years ago we have gradually lost a considerable number of interesting historical buildings. Our latest concern is Bowers Gifford Rectory, which is due to be demolished. It was built in 1789 but for some unexplainable reason has never been listed.

After discussing the matter with the council, we find that they have a list of listed buildings within the Borough but we know there are many more buildings and monuments of historical interest that they do not appear to be aware. 

We would like to correct this by producing a secondary list of which in time we may be able to get listed or at least make the council aware of their historical interest.

This as you can imagine is a massive job so we are calling on the community to help us find these buildings and monuments. So if you are aware of any such buildings in the Laindon and surrounding area that you feel would fall into this category please contact us. For a start we list the following:

Blacksmiths, Dunton Road, Laindon

The Old Fortune of War, Wash Road, Laindon

Laindon War Memorial, High Road, Laindon

Jubilee Fountain, High Road, Laindon

Watch House Farm, Wash Road, Laindon

York House, High Road, Laindon

Laindon Railway Station

Victorian Post Box, Laindon Common

Laindon Ponds, Wash Road
Blacksmiths, Lower Dunton Road

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  • I served my apprenticeship at Vick Quelch’s Dunton Road Forge 1975-79, and worked there from 1973. I also knew Percy Newman, the previous blacksmith who was born during the Victorian period. Percy lived next door to the Forge and he would come in the shop and show me how blacksmithing was done in his time.
    I have very fond memories of the Forge.
    These historic parts of Laindon are fast disappearing and should be protected.

    By Joseph Orsi (28/01/2021)
  • The mineral well One Tree Hill (Vange Well No 5). Goldsmiths, Langdon Hills. Pitsea bingo Hall. Winston Club. Wootton House (old TB Hospital).

    Editor: Thurrock Council made an application in 1998/99 to the Heritage Forum to have the Vange Well listed, but it was unsuccessful. Pitsea Bingo Hall (formerly Century Cinema) suffered a severe fire in September 2019. There had previously been calls for it to be pulled down as asbestos had been found inside. Wootton House is privately owned (former TB Sanitarium and later a boarding kennels).

    By Linda Poultney (29/10/2019)
  • I lived in Laindon from 1935 until 1960 when I married and moved to Billericay, attending Markhams Chase School until 1946. My maternal grandparents came to live in my parents’ bungalow after they had been “bombed out” for the second time.

    By Ken Emery (04/10/2015)
  • What about the Winston Club building?

    By Judy Webb (10/03/2015)
  • Amazingly English Heritage have 5,000 schools listed although many of them are not used for educational purposes anymore. Rightly Nina mentions Laindon Park School, I believe this is the oldest of the primary schools in Laindon. Whether Markhams Chase is worthy of listing I don’t know.

    Certainly the Laindon High Road School had an impressive frontage and would have benefitted from listing but the ugly newer structures at the rear probably contributed to its downfall.

    By Richard Haines (10/03/2015)
  • The Manor Mission.  The Crown Hotel (now called The Harvester).  The Prince of Wales Pub (now called The Noak Bridge). The Memorial Church, Dry Street.  Tin Tabernacle in Bells Hill Road.  Markhams Chase School and Laindon Park School.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (09/03/2015)

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