St Nicholas Church from the air.

Amazing video

I’ve just come across this lovely film on YouTube showing St Nicholas Church taken from the air by Aaron Green.  The video was commissioned to highlight the damage caused by woodpeckers to this ancient church’s wooden spire.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, it’s absolutely stunning. Just click on the image.

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  • In a previous comment I stated that I had worked with a group in this churchyard to tidy it up. That was about 30 years ago and while we did a good job, all things considered (no mechanised tools), there is just one more thing I would like to say on the subject. I have just watched the video that is on site and I was totally gobsmacked, the volunteers who have transformed the graveyard should be, and possibly are, pleased and proud of their efforts.

    I am 68 years of age, lived just at the bottom of the hill and attended this church weekly so was particularly familiar with the church and the graveyard’s condition. This now looks the best it ever has during my lifetime. Shame about the steeple, hope the funds are raised soon. 

    By Donald Joy (04/09/2015)
  • As reported in the ‘Echo’ on 6th May 2014, quote: the roof of St Nicholas Church has had some repair work carried out.  The ceiling has been repaired and electrical work carried out to the Lady Chapel.  The damage had been caused by woodpeckers making holes in the spire which led to water leaking into the church.  So far £38,000 has been raised for the church’s repair fund, but a total figure of £100,000 is needed, unquote.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (08/05/2014)
  • I notice that Nina states that the repairs to the church roof have cost £38,000 so far but there is still a sum of £100,000 outstanding.   Who actually owns the church and would not they be responsible for the debt.  Many years ago the Church of England was said to be one of the richest landowners in the country, if this still applies it would seem that they could settle this debt without any trouble.  If the persons to whom the money was owed decided that call in the debt, could the church be put into administration and if so, to which body would the letters be addressed.

    A further thought is that as Queen Elizabeth is the Defender of the English Protestant Faith, would she not be the prime figure in defending this church and that  the royal household could settle this debt out of the petty cash.  The cost of the visit of Prince William to New Zealand would have covered this debt many times over.  It does seem that sometimes the power of Mammon exceeds that of Jesus Christ.

    By W.H.Diment (08/05/2014)
  • Unfortunately the report in the Evening Echo of the 6th May has completely misled people.

    Work on the tower has not yet commenced and will not commence until all the funds are in place.

    The estimated cost to repair the tower, pathways and steps etc, is £130,000. To date the church has raised approximately £50,000. The majority of the balance will hopefully be obtained through grants and further fund raising.

    The repair to the Nave ceiling was completed several years ago and paid for.

    This current year we have upgraded the church electrics, again fully paid for.

    So there is no need to worry, there is no debt.

    Church Warden

    By Ken Porter (08/05/2014)
  • Have been away from the site for a while and am just catching up. What a wonderful video of St Nicholas Church, it has stirred up many happy childhood memories. My parents married there in 1936 and I attended monthly Girl Guide parades there for a few years. Also my friend Colleen and I spent many a happy hour reading all the tomb stones, over and over and never got tired of revisiting the church. Although I moved away in the early 1960s it is heartwarming to see the old church. 

    By Pat Aspinall (née Brooker) (10/09/2013)
  • Hallo Nina, these are truly magnificent photos of our church and is tribute to those who have restored its surroundings to the present. I have an old photo of the church which I am sending under separate cover which by comparison shows the difference which has been achieved.

    By W.H.Diment (05/08/2013)
  • Hello Nina, what a wonderful view of St Nicholas Church, where you and I were both married; you in 1969 and I in 1961. So nice to see the grounds are kept in a nice, tidy state. How amazing to learn that woodpeckers have been causing damage to the spire. I wonder if anything can be done to rectify this?

    By Anne Burton (28/07/2013)

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