The New Church Sign

New Sign
Ken Porte 14th July 2011
Ken Porter
Graham Fry, Peter Hartgrove, Ken Porter
Ken Porter

Vin Harrop who was the instigator of the Basildon Heritage Trail has mangaed after two years to get the County Council to put up a sign at the bottom of Church Hill at the junction with St Nicholas Lane ‘St Nicholas Historic Church’. St Nicholas is one of only two buildings in the Borough that is Grade 1 listed so this sign is well over due. The sign was paid for out of the Heritage Trail funding, thank you Vin.

Why not take a visit, it is a beautiful spot and has 360 degree views of Basildon. Two years ago it received a conservation accredition and this year for the second year running came second in the ‘Essex Best Kept Church Yard competition’ organised by the Rural Community Council of Essex and sponsored by Lodger and Sons (Builders). They also organised the Essex Village of the year and Best Kept Village Competition (Sonsored by Essex and Suffolk Water).

Members of the Church went to the Essex Golf and Country Club, Earls Colne where their received they certificate and a cheque for £100. The churches aim next year is first place.

The church is normally open on a Saturday morning and there will be somebody more than willing to take you round and brief you on its history. If you cannot make a Saturday morning ring one of the church wardens who will be than happy to give you tour.

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  • Sadly the St Nicholas Church Historic building sign has come to grief . I don’t know who is responsible for the upkeep of our street signs , if it is Essex County Council than I am afraid we will have a hopeless task of getting someone to repair it judging by the shoddy and well past the sell by date of many of the other sad examples in our borough . Basildon is the poor relation of Essex as far as County Hall are concerned .

    By Cliff Hammans (25/09/2021)
  • Hi Glen; It’s strange that you mention New England. It has been said that the building attached to the West End of the church, known as the Priest House/School House resembles old buildings in New England but it dates prior to 1600 a little before the formation of New England.

    Editor: The style of boarding on the Priests house is in what has become known as the New England Style. As history tells us that a considerable number of locals went to America, this could be why!

    By Ken Porter (16/01/2012)
  • What a very beautiful sight to behold on entering Basildon. It wouldn’t look out of place in New England USA, Having been in 2008 it brought back a few happy memories of staying with family for 2 weeks, bliss. This church is arguably the prettiest i’ve seen before.

    By Glen (02/11/2011)

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