Spire's Supply Stores 10-12 Laindon High Road.

Spire's Supply Shop 10-12 Laindon High Road
Inside the shop
Inside the shop

The following  photographs and information on Spire’s Supply Stores, 10-12 Laindon High Road were recently sent to me.

The store later changed its name to Upminster and Laindon Stores Ltd. As the business expanded and had stores in outer London, Essex and Kent operating as a group under H.L. Groom & Sons Ltd. – Who remembers the store?

Sadly, the Laindon Stores closed but the building had a second life when it was taken over by Barclays Bank which served the Laindon Community until compulsory purchase in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

The Basildon Development Corporation compulsory purchased the majority of the shops and sites in Laindon High Road to make way for their development programme and in the process killed off the old Laindon spirit that had prospered for nearly 80 years.

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  • My mum used to work for the Spire family, she used to look after their daughter called Joyce, I’m not sure if she was the only child. Joyce ended up living in Southampton. I took her a few times to visit her. I can’t remember her married name.

    By Alan Taylor (04/11/2019)
  • Nina…I agree with that.

    By Ken Porter (26/02/2019)
  • Great photos Ken but I think the Laindon spirit still lives on in many of us.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (26/02/2019)

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